Hold on while I speak to my agent…


By Vicki Scott

Now that my mother is enjoying her life in assisted living, I have had more time on my hands.  I’m so glad that the George Wallace Senior Center is a public place, as the people there sure know how to brighten my day.

This time, Pat Hill, the director of the center, motioned for me to come into to her office. She said she needed to talk to me. From remembrance of past experiences, I was a little nervous. Pat was nicknamed “The Warden” for a good reason.

Pat informed me that she is going to be my agent from now on and that I have been invited to be a guest speaker at a community center.

The news was so exciting, and we were laughing and discussing how much of an honor this invitation was.

When my husband Alan got home from work that night, I told him the news. 

As I expected, his emotions were non-existent. He calmly and smugly asked, “Where are you speaking?”

“I don’t know,” I answered.

“When are you speaking?”

“I don’t know.”

“What are you going to speak about?” Alan asked this question while smiling.

“Now you are making me nervous instead of excited,” I told him.

Alan started teasing me by asking if I really was going to be giving a speech as a guest speaker. I promised him that my agent said that I was invited and we just need to iron out the details.

I’m still excited but a little nervous, too.

My mother was very nervous about moving into assisted living but now she loves it. She now does Bible study and feels like she has a purpose. She is constantly being blessed while blessing others.

I praise God for the honor of being a guest speaker – wherever, whenever and however it is going to be. I pray that it will be a blessing. Thanks, y’all!

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