Hot showers and happy grands


By Vicki Scott

Last week I shared a blessing I took for granted, but now I have grown spiritually. The blessing of a hot shower might not seem as important as I do and feel drama lurking around the corner, but the struggle this past week was real. My bones were aching for the heat.

This past Friday (Feb. 12), my husband Alan texted me at work informing me that he had just taken a hot shower, meaning our shower was fixed. I was so excited! Even though I had already washed my hair in the sink the night before, I was taking a long hot shower when I returned home from work.

Some well-intentioned friends said they felt my pain. When their shower broke, they had to go all the way downstairs to their second bathroom to take a shower. They had to wait longer than me because the floor had to be redone and all that.

Our second bathroom is two hours and 15 minutes away, and we were packed to leave work on Friday and travel down there to use it. I was excited to be traveling two hours and 15 minutes for a hot shower and a visit to our grandchildren. A two-week vacation on a cruise ship did not mean anything compared to a hot shower and grandchildren.

When Alan called with the news of our fixed shower, I had no desire to travel south until after my shower. There was a concert by my muscles singing “Alleluia” and praises to God every second of my hot, stress-relieving and muscle-relaxing shower. There are no drugs or alcohol that could match the feeling, and I was clean way before I turned the water off.  I could kiss the feet of the person who perfected the hot shower. I did not think of anything better until I was finished and dressed. It was then that I was Facetimed by our grandchildren. Ava Jaymes, our oldest grandchild, told me that Addy (Addison Victoria, our youngest) had tried to call me “like a million times!”

Addy was chiming in the background, “Nana, Nana, NANA!” The smile on her face when I saw her and spoke to her was priceless, and I had to see them in person.

The children’s mother, Machi, had tested positive for the COVID-19 and they were quarantined, so I had not seen them for a month. They were all better now, tested negative and safe to visit, and I needed my “grand” fix. Alan and I jumped in the car and traveled two hours and 15 minutes. The visit was heavenly, and we did not feel the need to shower before or after. I could just hold them forever and kiss their whole face!

On our way back to Glencoe, I thought of our seniors at the George Wallace Senior Center and how I missed the fellowship with them. We all do. In the curbside food pick-up line, I’m asked every day, “When are y’all opening up?” I wish I had an answer. With everyone taking the vaccine shot, maybe it will be soon. My soul would be in concert singing “Alleluia” and praising God for these showers of blessings.

Speaking of showers, for whoever has been praying for rain, please send praises. I praise God for all the showers, and I am sincere. May there be showers of blessings in your life.

Stay safe, y’all!

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