I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed!


By Vicki Scott

With the threat of severe weather, Cove Creek Baptist and other local churches cancelled morning church services this past Sunday. Incidentally, Lake Martin Baptist Church, where my mother attends, cancelled services as well. It is always better to err on the side of safety, but I missed morning worship miserably. Spending time with my brothers and sisters in Christ in worship just does something to a person that cannot be explained. One must experience it. Nothing else compares.

Luckily, our Saturday was spent with two of our grandchildren. who have grown so much in so little time! Saylor Rhea kept reciting an “I am Blessed” poem that stuck in my head.

Of course, I had to research it and find out the rest of the poem. What I found was that it is more of a declaration of a blessing by Joel Osteen. On Facebook, he said that a blessing is not a blessing until it is declared. That makes sense. I am blessed.

With nothing better to do, my husband took me to Jack’s to eat breakfast. I am blessed. While there, we saw a friend and brother in Christ. We discussed how we missed not going to church when Glencoe Mayor Charles Gilchrist rushed in dressed in a tee shirt and jeans as if he had been working. The mayor was there to pick up breakfast to go for his crew. He told us that a tornado might have touched down in Glencoe and that at least four houses were damaged and one knocked off its foundation. No one was hurt, Praise God!

My husband decided we were going to enjoy nature and go on a hike. My husband is within five pounds of what he weighed when we married and I am the heaviest I’ve ever been. I am blessed.  We went to Little River Canyon, and while trekking over each rock, I would declare, “I am blessed!” The weather was perfect and I only had two hot flashes. After a while I grew quieter, and then my darling husband said, “I am blessed!” The scenery was majestic.

We met a couple from Wisconsin during our visit at the park and would see each other at every scenic stop. We discussed state parks and making plans to visit all of them across the United States. Why go to other countries? We have it all here! I love to travel but I am and always be an Alabama girl, born and bred. I am blessed!

Sometimes things happen to get you ready for something else, and I praise God that the “I am Blessed” poem stuck in my head. It kept my frame of mind in worship, even though we were not in church. Prayers are lifted for all those affected by the severe weather and for those who helped ease the situation.

We are blessed!

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