Impressed trekkies at the Poplar Dawg


By Vicki Scott

With the challenge of walking a legendary steep hill in the air, several ladies in our exercise club felt up the challenge of trekking up Smith Mountain on Tuesday, February 7.

During the planning of this event, we invited the new youth leader at our church in order to “break him in” while getting him familiar with the Dadeville area, and he gladly accepted. Our pastor, who is invited to everything our group does, accepted an invitation as well. Being that he is constantly sitting on “G” waiting for “O,” my darling and patient husband Alan knew he was going, too. All three men have been very supportive in all our endeavors, especially when they include eating a meal at some point. We planned to eat at Poplar Dawgs, a local restaurant that Alan and I eat at regularly.

Our youth leader had to cancel on the day of the hike because of a loss in his hometown of Citronelle. Our ladies arrived at the senior center, and after we did our morning walk and exercises, we headed to Poplar Dawgs. The ladies were impressed that not only was a table ready for us when we arrived, but that the owner knew us by name and knew what we were going to order. Their special for that Tuesday was beef tips and rice with green beans and a roll. Alan got that, while I ordered a Keto-friendly salad. On Mondays, this salad is topped with sautéed chicken and cheese. That is not on their menu, but it should be. Our pastor ordered a club sandwich and everyone else ordered beef tips and rice. As usual, our food was promptly served. I’ve been spoiled!

A Poplar Dawgs’ meal is a good portion size to where we still felt like walking after we finished eating, which was good because that was next on our docket.

At the bottom of Smith Mountain, a lady who made the goal of hiking up the mountain at a much later date took a few steps and said she forgot to use her inhaler. We all stopped while she took a few good puffs. From that point on, Alan stayed behind her and our pastor stayed in front of her to make sure she was safe. The lady kept telling them that she was alright and that they should go on, but they stayed with her. I just laughed and trekked on with a lady who reminds me of my mother’s sister, my Aunt Lynell. These two ladies have been such a blessing in so many ways.

We eventually topped the mountain and the 90-foot-high fire tower that looks out over several counties, and we took pictures to prove we made it. Alan and I have been to the top of Smith Mountain several times in memory of my mother. She loved nature, and the Smith Mountain fire tower is the highest point on Lake Martin. The scenery is so beautiful that it does something to your soul. It could have been because we are lightheaded from being out of breath, but I do not think so.

We walked another trail back to our car with our pastor staying in front of the inhaler lady and Alan behind. She complained about that afterwards, and I told her that the inhaler might have scared them. All I know is that I was free. I’m usually the one people watch after, but not this day, which is another benefit to losing 45 pounds!

Finishing this hike was empowering and heaped with blessings. Our pastor later told us about a trail called Nature’s Way that is not as hard to climb as Smith Mountain. We plan to go there in the near future (the inhaler is packed). Our youth leader plans to go with us this time, along with Alan and our pastor. We are so blessed!

While planning the hike to Nature’s Way, our pastor presented all of us who wanted one with a blown-up canvas photo he took at Smith Mountain. I immediately thought of my mother, because that picture is like looking at her smiling back at me. Wow!

Until next time, stay safe, y’all!

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