Improvisation and Adaptation 101


By Vicki Scott

This never-ending summer is rough on a hot flashy woman like me.

I’ve thought about how nice it would be to vacation where ice castles are. After some research, I found that it might be something to only dream about right now. After missing our family get-together last year for Christmas due to a flu virus, I’m longing for Christmas. My cousin Becky said she was ready to put her Christmas decorations up and call it a year. I totally agree.

We’ve been planning a unique Nana/Poppa Camp for October 1-5 involving two of our four grandchildren. With so many public play areas closed, we purchased items with our stimulus check to transform our house into a playground. Our dog Sandy, the border collie that looks like a yellow lab, is very excited and keeps coming into the house looking for her girls. My room is full of boxes, and I do not feel like re-arranging.

I discussed in last week’s article how COVID-19 affected people like my mom. On September 7, my mother went to be with my father and the Lord. She was always a “people person,” and indirectly, I do feel that the coronavirus killed her. She always tested negative but could only be visited through a window. Our family has lost two of my uncles, an aunt and my mother this year, and there have been so many other losses as well.

I’ve cried every day, but people have been so graceful and comforting. There have been many cards and posts that I cannot read without crying. I checked the mailbox. It had more cards. I cried some more. I went to do some paperwork at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe, and my desk was covered with cards. I cried again.

I do want to answer all of the cards, but I cannot as of yet. I’ve cried through several phone calls. I thought I was done crying and then I went to church at Cove Creek Baptist Church for the morning service. It turned out that I was not done crying as Pastor David Bankson did a sermon addressing death.

After church, David’s wife Charlotte brought a nice surprise from the ladies’ group, which had made me a basket and flowers. One of these precious ladies, Donna Bone, travelled two hours and 15 minutes to express her condolences and to comfort me.

Flowers were sent by the City of Glencoe, along with several other people from all different walks of my life. What a blessing everyone has been! I want to write out thank you cards, but the words will not come. They eventually will when I will have closure. So, I divert my attention for now.

The Nana/Poppa Camp could not have come at a better time. As a former teacher, I learned to improvise and adapt. I’ve lost my mind and I do not plan to go look for it. I pray these young ones have so much fun at our house that they’ll cry when they have to go home. I love the thought of great memories being created for these little ones. Their squeals of laughter have been manna for my soul. I pray for lots of laughter. Isn’t it amazing how God works things out? I praise God for these opportunities. Hopefully, one day, we will have the other two grandchildren with us as well.

I pray that it cools down a bit for this hot flashy woman I know and care for. If we do stay inside because of the heat, I will improvise and adapt. We will be decorating for Christmas!

Stay safe, y’all!

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