Inspiration from God’s Word – let’s not relax in our prayer lives


This past week I heard a news broadcaster report that people are beginning to experience “shelter in place fatigue.” I interpreted this as saying that people are “over it” and ready to be “released” from the shelter in place orders their state has put in place. Within the last couple of weeks, states are beginning to release those orders in varying steps and degrees, and we are also seeing people let their guards down in the ways in which they protect themselves and their families as they begin to get out more.

I am sure all of us have had those days or moments when we felt like “busting out” into society and wanting that feeling of freedom to go and do as we want once again. Often times when that feeling of freedom does come, we let down our guards and forget to stay focused on the things we have been doing throughout this pandemic that have and still remain very important.

One of those areas we let our guard down in is prayer. It has been exciting to receive e-mails from many people saying that they joined the Unite714 prayer movement. For those who have not joined but would like to do so, it is never too late. Just go to and you can join with millions of others praying each day at 7:14 a.m. and 7:14 p.m. for our nation and our world regarding this pandemic we are living in at this time.

Below, you will see the Unite714 prayer for this week. I want to encourage all of us to keep pressing in and keep praying! Our shelter in place orders might be loosening and becoming more relaxed, but this is not the time to become relaxed in our prayers for our world, our nation, our churches and each other. We need the Lord more than ever during these times. May we never be the same as a result of these times.

Unite714 Prayer for Week 6

Our Lord and our God, look in Your mercy upon the suffering that covers the earth. A force called COVID-19 is dominating governments, derailing economies and destroying peace. It is an ever-present challenge, bringing pain and devastation upon Your Creation. Yet we declare that the name of JESUS is above all names, in heaven and on earth. We believe, as Your Holy Scriptures taught us, that every person, problem, pestilence and power must bow before the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we ask that COVID-19 be halted and eradicated.

Lord Jesus, You created the world and everything in it. You healed the sick, walked on water, fed thousands and raised the dead. You rule and You reign. You said, “If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.”

So, in the name of Jesus, we boldly ask for our families, churches, cities and nations to be protected from the effects of COVID-19. We know the name of Jesus has great power when we speak it, for You are our Savior and our Lord. We know that even now that You are at the right hand of our Father, interceding for people as they battle COVID-19.

Lord Jesus, we are confident in the power of Your name, so we ask You to give scientists, researchers and medical personnel the supernatural strength and wisdom needed in their battle against COVID-19. We ask for healing and restoration in the lives of all those affected by this disease. We ask all these things in the name that is above every name, the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

If you would like me to join you in prayer please email me at I would love to pray for you!

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