Inspiration from God’s Word: Searching for Wisdom


By Toni Ford

Due to various circumstances in my life, lately I have found myself searching for wisdom more than ever. My pastor has been doing a series recently on the Book of Proverbs, which reminded me that one of the topics often covered in this particular book is wisdom. Several chapters in Proverbs was written by one of the wisest men ever born, King Solomon.

There are only 31 chapters in this book of the Bible, so I have begun to read one chapter each day of the month. Chapter 2 has been one of my favorite chapters thus far due to all the wealth of insight and the remarkable teachings concerning wisdom. Within the first three verses, I noticed King Solomon challenging the people with several action items when pursuing and searching for wisdom.

Let’s take a look at the words King Solomon referenced when he spoke of pursuing wisdom.

Treasure. When we treasure something, we spend time protecting and investing in that treasure. Therefore, we need to ask ourselves what are we treasuring lately. The Lord tells us in verse one that it is only when we treasure wisdom that we will acquire/receive it.

Train. What are we training for? Is it to listen for wisdom or listening for the Lord when He speaks? Listening is a training, and we have to be intentional about this type of training.

Open. Are we opening our spirits to the things of this world, or to things of the Lord and His wisdom?

Expand. I love this word “expand,” which means, “to make larger, more extensive, giving a fuller account for.” I long for the Lord’s wisdom to expand and become more extensive within me. Proverbs 2:2 says, “Open your spirit wide to expand your discernment – then pass it on to your sons and daughters.” As we open our spirits to the Lord and He expands our wisdom, then we have a responsibility to pass it on to others.

Cry Out. What are we currently crying out for? Proverbs tells us to cry out for comprehension and understanding. It is common for us to cry out for understanding when we need help in making a decision or when something happens and we don’t understand the “whys.” However, are we crying out on a daily basis for more wisdom and understanding?

Intercede. To intercede means you intervene on behalf of another. Proverbs tells us to intervene for ourselves by asking for more insight. How would our outcomes in life be different if we had more insight?

Proverbs 2:6 reminds us that, “Wisdom is a gift from a generous God.” When we treasure, train, open, expand, cry out and intercede for wisdom, then the result is, “wisdom wins your heart and revelation breaks in, and true pleasure enters your soul,” Proverbs 2:10.

Lord, we long for that true pleasure that enters our souls! Therefore, as we pursue you, oh Lord, please fill us with your wisdom!

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