It takes a (church) village


By Vicki Scott

During the night service at Cove Creek Baptist Church in Glencoe, Jonathon Mason presented a message from God’s Word and how scripture is taken out of context. He did well in his presentation, and I loved to hear his experiences as a father. Before coming to church, Jonathan’s wife was at work and he could not get his young children to take a nap. One child wanted to wrestle while Jonathan was trying to feed the other child. Jonathan’s experience with his children reminded me of experiences I had with my own children and other people who had similar experiences. I don’t see how single parents make it. As a grandparent myself, I have learned all new respect for grandparents raising children. I have always heard it takes a village to raise a child, and there are not many villages.
Jonathon and his wife team up to raise their children, and I love it. I love to watch my daughter Eva and her husband Trey interact with their children as a team. My son Joseph and his wife Machi have a newborn.
One day when he came home from work, Joseph saw a visiting child with a runny nose. He looked at her mom and said, “Runny nose – go home!” He is so protective over his beautiful baby girl, and it thrilled me when he sent me away, too!
Joseph didn’t really send me away, but he seemed nervous about my congestion as well.
Seeing daddies with their children just blesses my soul. Eva still talks about her daddy/daughter dates. My husband Alan would take her to the mall and eat and then let her pick out a toy at the Dollar Tree. Those dates inspired our pastor at the time to take his daughter on daddy/daughter dates. Both our children have daughters now, and I pray that they go on many daddy/daughter dates. When Eva was a newborn, our pediatrician at the time told us that I needed an hour a day free from any responsibility. I lived for that hour and Eva has precious memories.
My father liked to play tennis. I learned to play from him, and it was an honor to play on his team when we played doubles. I treasure all our talks on the phone and his encouraging advice. He taught me about computers. My dad is with the Lord now, and all I have is precious memories and a green jacket he let me borrow because he thought I was too cold.
People who are blessed to have grandparents who help out should count their blessings. My family moved away, so I only had a short time with my grandparents. Grandma taught me how to crochet. Our children enjoyed being blessed with grandparents and could tell you some stories, especially about my mother.
Having friends with children the same age could contribute to this village. Many of my friends were people I met at church, although there are so many possible connections. We were blessed with an amazing church family. The church I was baptized in was the same village that helped raise our children. We needed all the help we could get, and we all teamed up and God blessed our lives tremendously. I praise Him.
At Cove Creek, I see several young children being raised in a similar church village. If these young ones grow to be as close as ours, the blessings will be endless. Fathers, mothers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, friends and church families with God in the center make up the best villages for raising children.
With God and our church family, it seems like I am enjoying from a distance, watching through Jonathon and his family – along with the other young families – grow up like mine did, raised by a village and making precious memories! Thanks, y’all!

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