I’ve got plenty of “me” time to spend


By Vicki Scott

Last week, my husband Alan and his brother Steve attended a motorcycle rally, which they do once a year. It usually falls the week after our wedding anniversary, and when our children Eva and Joseph still lived at home, I would take them and go on a little adventure while Alan was away. When we moved to Glencoe, my next-door neighbor Faye Moore kept me company on said adventures.

With our recent move back to the Dadeville area, this year was different. I did not tell anyone about Alan’s trip, so I thought I would enjoy some peaceful time by myself.

Even with the motorcycle rally written in stone, I tend to forget about it until Alan starts reminding me around August. I do not feel bad about not remembering the date of the rally since neither one of our children do. When they do happen to remember, however, our darling children feel obligated to entertain me during their father’s absence. I know that I am blessed, but sometimes I just want some “me” time; just a little bit is enough.

Alan left late last Thursday, and I got caught up on “chick flicks” before going to bed. We have a smart bed that monitors our sleep through an app on both our phones. When Alan texted me Friday morning, he told me I got a sleeping score of 96 out of 100.

I soon decided to use some of me “me” time to work on my senior vision for our community seniors. If the Lord is willing, our group is going on a riverboat Blues Cruise on October 2 (I can still hear Pat at George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe saying, “He is willing!”).

The cruise, which will take place on the Harriott II in Montgomery, reminds me of the riverboat cruise we used take on The Southern Belle in Chattanooga with the seniors at George Wallace Senior Center. Those folks are always on my mind, but our seniors here in Dadeville help me cope.

At any rate, I copied off the cruise tickets and made out a calendar for next month’s plans. I felt productive for once.

Last Saturday was filled softball games. Ava Jaymes, our oldest granddaughter, plays on a travel team. The softball tournament was in Millbrook, six minutes away from Eva’s house and an hour and six minutes from our house. If Joseph had known I was by myself, he would have let me ride with him and his crew from Dadeville, so I did not tell him.

I probably should have, because Siri was not very accurate with the directions to the tournament. I missed the same turnoff three times. The second time, Siri took me to the back of the park, where the gate was locked. I tried to call Joseph, but there was no answer.

After finally making it to the park entrance, Joseph called and told me that the team was playing at the very back field of the complex, so I locked my car and walked toward the entrance. I found out why the other gate was locked – they were charging admission at front gate.

So, I had to walk back to my car to get enough money for the entrance fee and a drink (Diet Coke is my beer of choice and a necessity for any event). I was late anyway, so I decided to get a folding chair while at the car.

After finally making it to the field, I saw sweet Ava Jaymes on the field for her first game as a travel team player. I was already hot and tired, so I set up my chair where I stood. The game did not last long before I was yelling hoorahs. I cannot explain why softball does this to me. My family heard my voice, found me, and led me to where they were sitting.

It was dark by the time Ava James’ three games were finished. Eva would have let me stay the night, but I did not let her know anything, so they had plans and after the first game. Siri had disappointed me earlier, so I asked Joseph if I could follow him home since they go past our house on the way. He agreed, and we all made it home safely.

I went to church by myself on Sunday. I do not like to go by myself, but I was determined. I was welcomed as usual and discovered that it was Breakfast Sunday. I decided to stay just for the worship service until my favorite son, his wife and my youngest granddaughter Addie Bean showed up and sat beside me. Such a surprise really does something for me. Glory!

Thankfully, Alan is back, and his regular shows are on television. I told him what all he missed and how I missed him.

Next year, I’m telling everyone and planning an adventure. Someone else will drive, of course.

Vicki Scott may be contacted at lily200383@yahoo.com.

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