Katie G. recognized in Reeltown


By Vicki Scott

It is a small world after all.

My new members of our senior exercise class in Reeltown have asked about my articles in The Messenger. For some reason, they want to read them when they first come out. I’ve brought my copy of The Messenger a few times to let them see that I do indeed write for a newspaper. I proudly announce every time I am on the back of the front page. One of my new seniors picked up the paper and could not get past the front page because her granddaughter was on it!

This new senior, Roseline (who we call “Ro”) and her husband Don moved to Reeltown from Plantersville, Alabama where he was a pastor until he retired. Don has several brothers who played football for the mighty Crimson Tide and one black sheep of the family who played for Auburn (these are their words, not mine). Despite our football differences of opinion, they are a precious couple to me! Ro has been exercising with us since the beginning of our hummingbird ministry. She loves her family and asks for prayer for them continuously.

The look on Ro’s face when she saw her granddaughter on the front page of the paper was priceless! She is so proud of her! Just days before, Ro had told us about some honors and awards her granddaughter had received. I had no idea that the newspaper I wrote for had articles about Ro’s granddaughter.

Ro told her family about her discovery, and they could not believe she had seen those articles. She now has a Glencoe connection in Reeltown, and I feel honored. I now look forward to seeing in print what Katie Giles, Ro and Don’s granddaughter, is accomplishing at Glencoe High. Ro said she hopes all this publicity does not go to Katie’s head! I know her grandparents, and I do not think it will.

Ro recently had shoulder surgery and is in a lot of pain. The members of Reeltown community are praying for her and doing all we can for her and her husband as the family bands together to make sure everything goes well. Ro is a special lady, and it shows by how well she is taken care of. If Katie were to let anything go to her head, it would be about how blessed she is to be member of such a wonderful family. I certainly am honored to know them.

As my new seniors familiarize themselves with The Messenger, we will see how many other connections with Glencoe are found. I would love for both senior communities to meet one day, because our love for our grandchildren would spark so many conversations. Who knows? We might find it really is a small world after all.

Stay safe, y’all!

Vicki Scott may be contacted at lily200383@yahoo.com.

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