Keep Smilin’ with Rosie – Life is all about surprises


By Rosie Preston

A birthday party, a marriage proposal, an unexpected check in the mail or finding something of sentimental value are all wonderful surprises.

Two years ago, my family threw me a birthday party for me, and everyone that I knew came by. As my sister’s and I have gotten older, we don’t see each other often, and I felt so much love at this get-together, which was a fun time that I’ll never forget!

A marriage proposal from my husband Phil was a surprise, because we previously had made the decision to remain as friends. Our marriage had worked out well and is still wonderful, be-cause friendships can last forever. “Falling in love” is wonderful, but if it that love ends, you may feel as if you are plunging down a mountain of slippery ice in a forest as your body is hitting every tree. You eventually recover from the physical pain, but recovering from being in love, which is both emotional and physical, takes a long time.

If you were an outsider and heard me and Phil talking, you may have thought that we were angry with each other. But we were probably talking loudly because we were trying to find our TV remote. A few years ago, I shared something in a column that I thought was humorous. Many readers did not understand that it was not a fight between me and Phil but a normal exchange of opinions.

I was going from one room to another the other day looking for something when Phil asked if I had lost something.

“No,” I replied, “It’s not lost; I just can’t remember where I put it!”

Little does Phil know that I have certain places where I put certain things. Such as my car keys and glasses. This was a problem of mine for many years. Now, I lose TV remotes. We own four televisions, and I was in unconsciously taking a remote with me when leaving a room, which led to me leaving them all over the house. Of course, no one could find them. I was relaxing on the sofa the other night with a light blanket on top of me and I did not remember that when I went to bed, I had the TV remote in my hand. 

Later on, Phil said that the remote was lost. I disagreed and used the same response about it not being lost. I don’t like the word “lost,” as it makes me defensive.

I finally backtracked to the blanket, and there was the remote. Luckily, I had ordered four plastic remote covers, one for each TV and in different colors. I was surprised to find that the remotes glow in the dark, which makes finding them easier and faster. It’s true, however, that I tend to misplace a lot of things. It was just another dysfunctional day in the Life of Rosie.

I am upset about my memory loss at the moment. I had ordered a new foundation make-up and was sure I had put it in my fishing box make-up container. When I went to retrieve the make-up, it was not there. I searched everywhere, to no avail. I was so sleepy that I gave up and went to bed after telling Phil that our ghost was responsible for the disappearance.

After waking up refreshed this morning, I finished my routine then continued my quest of finding my make-up. I had looked everywhere and was about to cry, but guess what I found when I opened my medicine drawer?

Needless to say, I had been right when I told Phil that I had not lost it!

Keep smiling, Rosie

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