Keep Smilin’ with Rosie Preston – Lest ye be judged


By Rosie Preston

Years ago, I read several books about Elvis Presley. Even though he remains The King, his lifestyle would not have been accepted in the public opinion in the late 1970s. Back in those days, the media was not all about telling the truth about famous people we watched on TV or in the movies. Because so many movie and music stars stay up very late, they often cannot sleep, so resolve to take pills in order to help them do so. It does not take long before they are taking pills to help them function during their performances and then to sleep at night. This happen to both Elvis and Michael Jackson. So, two of the most famous entertainers who ever lived died because of addiction.

In today’s world, drugs affect so many families. So many people have suffered the pain of losing a loved one who seemed to want something more. Is it to self-medicate in order to escape the pain? Is it to feel high and wanting to maintain that high day and night? Ultimately, they must decide to change on their own.

People often enter a recovery rehab center to be taken off the drugs gradually. When this happens with famous people who choose to live such a lifestyle, we will never know if they sought rehabilitation or suffered through it alone. Many people overcome their addiction with the help of a church or another type of building that provides an Addiction Recovery Program. Why do so many people turn to a higher power in such cases?

A book I read years ago, The Historical Jesus. was filled with Biblical scripture. I looked up each scripture to make sure I was not being deceived. After reading most of the book, I believed that in the end they would clarify that Jesus did not live. However, this was not the case.

The book ended with an answer I will ever forget – the Bible is the No. 1 book sold every year. Why? Because it has changed so many lives. It includes scripture that promises that we can overcome grief and most of the problems we face every day. The Bible also tells us that we can receive strength from God.

Some people refer to God as a “higher power.” I would not judge anyone who believes that, because they have the right in our country to believe in whatever religion helps them to find peace and strength in this world.

In every town, city, county or state, people are hurting, hungry and addicted to drugs or alcohol. A horrible number of children are being abused, and too many teenagers have taken to the streets for whatever reason. But for the many heartbreaks I’ve mentioned, my hope is that people who have a wonderful belief to hold on to do not judge anyone, for any reason. Most religions teach that there is an afterlife and a judgement. I don’t even preach this, because I will be someone else’s judge, and neither should other people.

For myself, I’ve found that is a great time to pray when I’m walking or driving. No one said you have to get on your knees or close your eyes when you pray, but I understand that while in a group of people, it is respectful to keep our attention on the prayer.

I once heard in a Sunday School class that if you report your pain and grievances to the group, it often turns into either a trail of gossip or an excuse for some people to act mean-spirited. That has happened to me.

As my dear sister mentioned years ago, most of the people can’t help you in many circumstances, so to share with those you trust and to read the scripture yourself seems to be the best advice!

Keep smiling, Rosie

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