Keep Smilin’ with Rosie Preston – Miracles do indeed happen


By Rosie Preston

The definition of “miracle” is, “A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.”

I’ve witnessed several miracles during my lifetime, and one in particular involved my youngest sister when she was four years old and I was 16.

My dad had recently bought me a car so I could pick up my sisters from school, and on one particular day, we had been home for a few minutes when I heard my youngest sister jumping on my parent’s bed. I yelled for her to stop, but little did I know that she had money in her mouth. She was choking and gasping for breath, so I grabbed her and found my mother. We then experienced a very emotional car ride, as my foot was shaking so hard that the car could be described as a frog jumping down Noccalula Road. My mother was crying and screaming at me to slow down.

Then my mother said, “She’s gone.”

My sister’s complexion was gray, but she eventually began to breathe. We made it to the doctor, who checked my sister’s throat. He explained when she stopped breathing, her windpipe relaxed and released the coin that was blocking it. He said it was a miracle, and we believed it with all our hearts! After we arrived home, Daddy listened as Mother cried. Our family gave God the glory!

Many events were different that day. Usually there was not a car at home. Also, my mother screaming at me calmed me to slow down while I was driving to the doctor’s office. With the fact that she passed out before the miracle saved her, I always thought that my sister had been given a second chance at life.

Miracles do indeed happen. I will be sharing more miracles in future articles. You may share yours with me at the email address listed below. 

Keep Smiling, Rosie

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