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By Rosie Preston

  I sometimes am amazed at the realization that my two children are grown and have blessed me with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Whenever I have the opportunity to be with the children, I feel so blessed and so happy. It’s hard to explain, because when I was young and before my children were born, I never envisioned being a grandmother. In fact, when friends would approach me to show me photos of their grandchildren, I could not understand it. I would always smile and compliment the little babies, but until my children brought their children into this world, I found myself for the first time trying to not open my portfolio of my grandchildren’s photos. After all, I thought all babies looked alike!

I now understand what my grandson Preston means when he says, “It is what it is.” That quote should be said right before The Serenity Prayer, because both quotes say a lot about the way in which we have a choice to view our little world. I realized a long time ago that each of my family members, and friends have their own little circle in which they are surrounded by those they love. As I get older, the fact that I can sit back and relax while just watching them often gets me to laughing out loud!

I now find myself enjoying photos that my friends send me of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I guess that takes one to know one! Only a grandmother could understand what these little ones bring out in us senior citizens.

A few weeks ago, my grandson, Dakota, his wife Jenn and little toddler Cecil were visiting with us. It was a joy to sit back and observe Cecil playing. I sat down on the floor with him to be closer as he kept himself busy. I had a hard time realizing that he was entertaining himself with the matching shapes that fit into the appropriate hole in the toy. What I really couldn’t believe was that he was putting him in the correct spaces!

Silently I thought, “What a genius! This boy is only 17 months old and already he is not throwing the toys around but instead quietly matching shapes without saying a word or running around in circles.”

The child of my first grandson, Dakota, Cecil is my first great-grandson. I am blessed because not everyone lives long enough to meet their great-grandchildren.

A friend of mine recently mentioned that she has twin great-granddaughters who are toddlers. I admit it is like I’ve gone baby crazy. I even watch baby short videos at night just to get a chuckle!

Not too long ago, my grandson texted me that it was great to have a “cool Nana.” Those may be two of the sweetest words I’ve heard in a long time!

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