Keep Smilin’ with Rosie Preston – Too much, too little, too late


By Rosie Preston

The title to this column describes my life and how I’ve adjusted to health changes, getting older, and feeling like I’ll never get my “to do” list accomplished. Every night, I lie in bed and make plans for the next day. I promise more than I could ever do, but it sure sounds good at that moment.
One promise I made was about getting caught up with putting all my identification and passwords on notecards and a second binder, because I can’t even read my own writing in the binder that I’ve been using for the past few years.
Another promise was to clean out my miscellaneous drawers in my kitchen. Just the other day, I went looking for a specific tool. After opening three drawers, I was surprised to find that all three of them contained accumulated miscellaneous items that needs to be thrown away or organized. That should not take long. Most of that stuff is unnecessary or I would have been using them all these years (yes, years, not months).
One drawer contained several tops for my grandchildren’s cups, the kind that the bottom part remains in the cabinet. I began to put the old tops on the counter to be thrown away but realized that I could take them to a thrift store. I remembered what a friend told me: “For Pete’s sake, throw them away!” Sometimes she sounds so bossy!
Why is it so difficult to throw such stuff away, you ask? Because I‘ve become attached to weird things. It’s like finding one of my grandchildren’s old bottles under the bed and remembering when they last used it.
However, they’re just the right age to do what one of them calls science projects.
“Nana, I’ve made my doll some baby food. I used milk, eggs and flour. I spilled some of it, but I promise I will clean it up!”
It’s true that they do try to clean up their messes, and I sure don’t criticize their efforts, but sometimes a little of said mess will re-main on the counter. I’m just glad the kiddies are content to stay inside and keep busy during this terrible hot weather we’ve been experiencing lately.
The two girls who usually visit me are Brooklyn, who turned seven on August 29, and Briella, who turns six on October 4. They are very close in age and get along enough to play together for a while longer than they did when they were younger. Back then, I heard a lot of, “It’s mine – Nana, tell her it’s mine!” Or, “Nana, I just hit my sister with a doll!” “Oh, my,” I would declare. “Each of you in a different corner!”
I decided a while back to have only one girl at a time spend the night. Both girls love to watch TV after we are settled in bed, and both are able to let their fingers fly on a remote to find a channel quicker than I can imagine. It’s hard to believe that we once had to walk across the room to choose between channel 6 or 13. During those days, I preferred I Love Lucy or Bonanza or The Lone Ranger. I even had a little cowgirl outfit that included a skirt, shirt, boots and a holster that held a silver metal gun. I also had a rocking horse. My cousins from Birmingham would often visit, and we played shoot ‘em up games.
We also entertained our parents with our songs and dances. My dream was to grow up to be a singer or a dancer. Nowadays, I get to sing and dance with my grandchildren, and oh my, the moves they can make! They think it is hilarious when I do The Twist or try to dance like Elvis. Those dances were my mainstay in the old days when attending parties.
One time I even danced in front of an audience when Phil and I were attending a birthday party. One lady would kick her shoes off before getting on the dance floor, and I told everyone that the next time she did it, I was going to join her. I kept my promise!
When she got on stage to dance to Knock Three Times by Tony Orlando and Dawn, I immediately joined on the dance floor, and for every move she made, I was in step behind her. I saw my friends laughing so hard that they were crying. I then noticed that everyone at the party was laughing and having a really good time! I really danced a jig in order to measure up to their expectations!
Many of my friends tell me I had missed my calling to be an entertainer. In my mind, I thought that they don’t have a clue how many years I’ve been practicing! When I was a young girl in grammar school, there was a Twist contest at a local shopping center. My mom and I entered it, and my mom won the little trophy prize! I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
Looking back, I think of all the fun times spent with my friends dancing to all the popular tunes at the time. I then recall my middle-age years when I was old enough to go places that had a band and dance floor. Phil says he will take me dancing, and I know it’s not too late, as I feel that dancing is still in me as much as ever. For sure, people would laugh, but every time I think about going dancing as promised, I begin to yawn and get ready for bed and a good night’s sleep!
Keep smiling, Rosie
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