Keep Smilin’ with Rosie – Sharp-edged Barbies and a restored VW


By Rosie Preston

It’s kind of nice being this age and feeling good most days. I tell everyone that I am a senior citizen, but in my mind, I’m only 34 years old. In other words, I refuse to act like a granny. There are a few things I would haver have thought of that seems to happen on a regular basis.

The great-grandchildren are usually to blame. For example, the other day in the shower I stepped on something sharp and discovered three naked Barbie Dolls in there with me. Who would have thought?

Instead of picking something up, I’ve been known to kick said object out of my path. In my younger days, I would have automatically picked up everything.

All my life, I’ve been a busy bee as long as I felt good. There was a period of several years that I suffered from the symptoms of mononucleosis and had to take naps all the time. But it’s been a while since that kind of exhaustion affects me, unless I have a sinus infection or bronchitis, as I’ve had for over the past three weeks.

Every day I think about calling my mother. She passed in August of 2020, but my mind sometimes seems to forget that and I miss talking with her. I took her being on the other end of the phone line for granted for many years. But we spent her last years together almost every day and we bonded more than ever.

Never did I think my body would start to as as much as it has, and my right shoulder, left knee, back and neck send out occasional reminders. I do exercise and take Tylenol because my Stage 3 kidney disease was caused by me taking another over-the-counter pain pills for five years.

I’ve never thought it strange that I just had a 1988 VW Rabbit Cabriolet restored. I had it painted along with a new top, wheels and tires.

This Nana is having a grand old time showing people they are not going to run over me just because it’s a smaller vehicle. It’s painted a beautiful red with a black top, and since it’s a one of a kind, you may see me out there with my windows down enjoying the ride! I Googled the current price of the car’s make and model, and the beginning price is over $14,000.00!

I never lived in a cluttered house in the past, and now I’m trying to get my grandchildren and/or close friends to take some good stuff every time they visit. It’s things that I don’t need it, and I don’t want to look at it anymore.

People I’ve worked with in the past would not believe how I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut. It’s not that easy to do when you take a few weeks to bite your tongue while you listen to others!

My six little great-grandchildren are no longer a shock to me in reminding me that I’m old! The grandchildren, on the other hand, seem to do that well enough (“Nana, you are so old!”). Why do I want to want to stop them? I guess it’s because I don’t feel old, which they wouldn’t understand.

I like to write my articles away from the noise of a TV or others talking, and the little office I created out of a storage-type barn (the type that is sold on the side of most main roads) is wonderful. It took me a while to get a carpenter to insulate it and reinforce the barn lofts so people could sleep up there and not fall through to the floor. I now have a comfortable she-shed/office, and it’s a great get-a-way!

I’ve writing since third grade because I communicate better that way rather than talking. That’s the reason that writing feels so good to me. I’ve thought about putting a book together, but I don’t know what to write about to fill an entire book. Writing a book may not be as difficult as I think, however. It’s hard for me to stop writing once I start, so I’m sure it would just take a short time!

It’s not something I like to do because these columns are supposed to be about smiling, but lately it seems we live in a world which seems more violent and sad. On the news on TV, a congressman said we can’t do anything about it, that we can’t stop evil and we can’t stop people from carrying out evil deeds. That is true.

When I was younger, I would listen to the preacher every Sunday and I left the church inspired that it was going to be a better week. The preacher would get everyone emotional, and we would run to the altar believing that we had some kind of promise that the next day would begin a life of peace and joy, if only we were saved.

Guess what? Monday rolled around the corner and I had to face everyday life again. I started going to a Bible Church where the pastor preached scripture. It made a lot more sense to me, and I learned more than I’d learned in the church I grew up in.

Indeed, if you are reading this column, please take a minute to count your blessings. If they don’t add up today because of a sadness or a grief, just keep believing and your joy will return – perhaps even tomorrow!

Keep smiling, Rosie Preston

P.S. I’m very thankful for all our readers who pick up The Messenger newspaper each week!

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