Keep Smiling…“Mom, you forgot again!”


By Rosie Preston

My children are grown-up adults, and lately I wondered if they have gathered the family together and discussed all the things I am forgetting.

“Mom, how could forget to mail those bills for me?” my daughter questioned.

My son followed with, “She forget to make my bank deposit!”

How could I explain to my daughter that not only did I forget to mail her bills, I lost them! I should not feel silly, though. It reminded me of all the things my children used to forget, such as informing me the night before a ball game that a uniform didn’t fit, or that a notebook was needed for school, or that they had volunteered me to go on a field trip the day after my wisdom tooth was removed.

I recently found a magazine article citing new scientific evidence about memory loss. It was entitled, “Brian Waves, Memory Loss and Wrinkles” and written by a Dr. Ihaditoo. I was not surprised to find an answer to a question my friends and I have asked – are we sub-consciously being very selective about what we choose to remember?

Putting the evidence in layman’s terms was not easy, but here goes: every memory makes a wave that causes wrinkles on the brain. Of course, there is an overload that causes the waves and wrinkles to blaze new trails on the face and neck. Neurotransmitters are getting interference from the skin being treated daily with moisturizer, wrinkle serum and beauty masks, and sun screen used to fight those wrinkles is causing a lot of forgetfulness.

Little does the average citizen know that memories are being erased as wrinkles disappear.

The saying, “Beauty is only skin deep” has reached a level that was unknown years ago. Women are being convinced that happiness lies in smooth, line-free skin. This is a cover up that began in the 1970s in Hollywood, and now no one can remember why the actress needed a cover up. There is a possibility that it will be titled, “The Plastic People” in the future. Actors and actresses are now trying out for new parts by holding onto their smooth skin and cast in movies as someone much younger.

Perhaps now my children could understand why I’m forgetful. Armed with scientific knowledge, I invited them to dine with me. After explaining the memory loss theory, I concluded, “Dear children, keeping up appearances has lowered the reason that I can’t remember where I placed my keys, my glasses and my purse, and why I forget to read your messages. I’m giving you fair warning that whatever is happening to me will someday happen to you!”

My dear grandmother tried to warn me.

“Honey, take better care of yourself. You work too hard. Just enjoy each day; they get shorter as you get older.”

My children looked at me strangely and shared know-ing looks as I continued.

“Last Christmas, you bought me a daily planner. It is now June and I have just found it.

Also, I’ve blocked off a couple hours each day to pamper myself, so if I don’t return your calls, don’t worry. I’ll be getting a massage, soaking in a hot tub or having coffee with a friend.

On second thought, if one of the grandchildren needs me, punch in 911 to my text messages…I’ll be there ASAP!”

Keep Smiling, Rosie

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