Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – Breanna’s 16th birthday wish


By Rosie Preston

The following words seem lame as I try to explain a parent’s love. Parent sets many goals for their tiny newborn baby while believing that they will be the best parents ever. Their child will e turn out to be fabulous, generous and kind teenagers and continue until into adulthood.

But it was explained to me by a Doctor of Psychology that no matter how much influence you think you’ll have, don’t be surprised at how your child turns out. There are so many factors and diversity in a child’s life, and we can only hope and pray some of what we tried to teach will stick.

I’m a parent of two children who could not be any more different in their looks or personalities. I look back and ask myself why we did not get a book when they were born. Most of those early years are touch and go and a lot of situations seem to fall out of the blue sky. Many times, we react instantly, and those types of decisions are not always for the best. Sometimes I was blind and many times I failed, but through the rain and the pain, the love always won year after year.

If you are a mother, try not to be too hard on yourself. I realized when I got older and was taking care of my mother that my heart had not understood everything and that I had taken for granted the many things she did for me and my sisters. My mother and I had several years together while she was in a nursing home. We bonded in a way I had never imagined. Any argument, any fight or any unkind words we said to each other over the years, they all seemed to be erased during that special time I sat with her, which was sometimes hours every morning after taking Breanna to school.

Now we are celebrating Breanna’s very important birthday. She wants to learn to drive, which will be her most exciting gift. It terrifies me, but I remember that I was a good driver at her age, and I hope she will be, too. I do remember how tough those teenage years were.

I hope you enjoy this special 16th birthday celebration! Money could buy a lot of gold and silver, but it could never buy our love for Breanna. As years of memories to mind, you know I hold so many heartfelt times dear.

I have watched Breanna as she changed with every season. Maybe that is the way that nature has taught us to adjust to the different seasons of our lives. She is in the teenage season of her life.

A parent has so many roles to play through the years. She may not realize it now, but when Breanna is older, I hope she’ll read some of my articles about her and Nana and will come to know me a little better.

Breanna and her daddy love celebrations, and it is a wonderful day they have planned for us!

We love you, Breanna. Happy 16th Birthday!

My Child, by Rosie Preston

Love has touched my soul, my child

Forever wishing my arms could hold your smile.

Words seem much too shallow to describe

Feelings of compassion, joy, tears and pride

That only you can bring, my child.

Yet it is wise as you walk away

To let my tears hold still and stay

Goodbye, my child.

You were mine only for a little while.

Conflict soars within me, hoping for you

A perfect life, yet knowing inside

The heartaches and disappointments from

Which love nor life can hide.

Wisdom is aging, and often knowledge brings pain.

Let LOVE be your sunshine after the rain.

My prayer is your LOVE will conquer all,

The path of showers your life may call.

Keep smiling, Rosie

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