Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – Do you want to hear the Lord?


By Rosie Preston

Sometimes we believe we can live long enough to be wiser, smarter and more intelligent than those around us. People often call it the “human condition.” I agree that without faith, it would be difficult to live being on the other side of any hateful words.

This story is one which reminds me of the innocence of children. I often find amazement in the words my great-grandchildren have said to me. In this story, the door has been opened for me to give them words of hope from scripture.

About this time last year when I broke my right lower arm and wrist, I spent a good deal of time with my great-grandchildren. They are beyond their years, and I’m not talking about intelligence; I’m referring to the amount of empathy and kindness they show. Briella just turned 4, while Brooklyn was 5. They asked if I need help or offered to help me walk and reminded me to slow down and hold my hand every chance they get. I know they are so young, of course, and I being a senior citizen can’t help but thank God every day for I get to spend with them.

The other night after reading about four books, Brooklyn went to sleep. Briella wanted to watch TV for a while. I was agreeable because I could check the messages on my phone. Then, in a very grown-up way, she said, “I can show you him on my phone.”

“That would be nice,” I replied, expecting her to show me a cartoon.

Within minutes, this little girl brought up a video of Jesus our Lord pulling the cross up a hill with music. She then brought up the Lord being crucified.

I sat silent, baffled that she could even accomplish this, much less talk about it.

“Nana, it is so sad,” she said.

“But guess what, Briella? He is not there anymore. He went to heaven to live in a beautiful place surrounded by peace, and there will be no more tears.”

“And you will be there because you are old?” she asked.

The children are thinking about this because they just had a Maw Maw recently pass away and they know she left the earth. In my own way, I cannot think of anything I could be more thankful for than the way their mother is raising these children and teaching them about the Lord.

The next morning, I shared something with Briella and Brooklyn that I’ve done so many times in my life, including recently. I taught them the song, “Let Jesus come into my heart.”

I was amazed that despite their youth, they already have an interest in how comfort can be found to come into our hearts and give us the strength and determination to believe in something bigger than ourselves or those around us.

Keep Smiling, Rosie

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