Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – Finding the missing piece of your puzzle


It is with a serious purpose that I pledge to exit any negative conversations in which I may find myself where others are sharing opposing views, especially in politics or religion.

Why have I made such a promise? Simple – I’d like to spend the last years I have left on this earth to remain positive! I can always choose to walk away with a smile!

What could be more aspiring than waking up alive and healthy every morning and being able to care for your emotional, physical and financial needs? If you require others to help make sure your needs are met, it is still your good fortune. Such persons can be a family member or a paid individual who will be there for you.

Often, is not a plan of our own undertaking of what events may impact our daily lives. In poetry, many words used to describe that which often aims to change us, not only of our own aspirations as the action or decisions of another person’s choice could interfere with our own planned events.

Even our strength of will could be altered if we do not make a commitment before such situations occur. And believe me, they will occur. Such situations may be as disruptive as a piece of puzzle that is missing. Over and over, you search for the piece, and eventually, you resign yourself that the piece is lost forever. You try to give up looking for that piece, and with every move you make in the near future, it is still in the back of your mind that you may someday find that missing piece. Even when you convince yourself that you don’t care about that lost object, unconsciously it is stored in your subconscious mind. It could very well happen that you are moving a sofa or cleaning out a closet in the coming years and find that missing piece!

In real life, you might compare that missing piece of a puzzle to seeing in a store an old friend whom you have not seen it years. You remember her well and strike up a conversation of joy! There are many such comparisons in finding something that has been lost or out of place for some time. The same intent with difficult decisions could be compared to the lost puzzle piece. Let this be our desire that fate will gradually force us forward in whatever place we find ourselves, whether it be joy or pain. Let us be inclined to start each day with positive intentions that will be resolved in this New Year of 2023.

Pardon me while begin to practice what I have preached!

Keep smiling, Rosie

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