Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – If I knew then what I know now


By Rosie Preston

It would have been easy to skip this week’s column, but I realize that this week is a time to share love, laughter, and joy with those we love. I’m especially thankful for those same people who know my shortcomings and past experiences and still love me!

Every day, I wake up thankful to be living in a warm home. Our home is humble but very comfortable. If I stand in the middle of a room and turn around, I am reminded of each picture, piece of furniture dishes, love seat and recliner. The bedroom furniture has all been handed down to us from older family members. But that furniture is beautiful and well-made, so I find no reason to replace it.

When I was a young girl in grammar school, my Paw Paw would bring dolls from his storage boxes and allow me to look at them. I did not have the sense then to know what those dolls would be worth today. Paw Paw also would save coins, which held my interest more often than not. My granddaddy had grown up during the war when folks did everything, they could to stretch a dime. Well, he was on top of it!

If only I could have been thankful for a granddaddy who realized that many things increase in value as the years fly and that many items are more valuable today than when you first purchased it. I loved my Barbie dolls when they first hit the store shelves. If I had known how quickly time would fly and drop a milestone on my head, I would have taken heed! For sure, I would listen to my elder’s advice and saved those dolls.

I want to say a special thanks to The Messenger’s editor, Chris McCarthy, for agreeing that I could write a weekly column in the paper. This column is my blessing in life, and I do hope that you find yourself smiling when you read it each week. Our Good Newspaper is sent to people in different states, and the online readership is very positive! So if you feel thankful today, why not write someone a note or a card and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Keep smiling, Rosie

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