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My grandson recently said the above headline in a nice voice. For some reason, I’ve mulled over those five words. Could they make sense in a daily situation?

It’s hard enough looking in the mirror, which reveals my most obvious lines and wrinkles. However, I don’t see them on my friend’s faces. No matter how much we visit, my mind’s eye imagines them as still young. They tell me the same thing. Now, that is a good friend!

It is still a shock to be reminded, though. Who reminds you of your aging process?

Doctors can sound harsh as they easily throw out remarks such as, “You are getting on in years,” “You’re getting old,” or “You’re enjoying many birthdays.”

Hopefully, the last remark does not seem as frightful. It could even bring the mind to a place of envisioning a birthday cake or party. The professionals could not see the rebellion felt in my mind and heart. Thankfully, it is invisible to the naked eye.

Yes, I’ve had many birthdays. That’s not saying I have the answers. This week I’d like to share a few things I do happen to know. Sometimes the people I love the most are usually the ones who can drive me crazy.

I love the hug from a person who truly loves me, whether it comes from one of my children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren. It is almost as if my heart swells with joy. In their innocence, hey say, “Nana, you are old!” It does not hurt my feelings.

My grandchildren can gage my senior years it in many ways, such as, “Give me that phone, you’re are too slow. I can fix it!” Or, “Nana, I forget how older people get treated,” after retrieving my prescriptions from a pharmacy, Or, “Nana, watch your step; let me help you,” as I look at the path instead of straight ahead.

I’m still trying to adjust to my “advanced” years, and the fact is that I don’t act my age. The younger ones had rather me sit and look at the wallpaper if feat that afraid I may embarrass them.

If all the people who love me had just slapped me hard on the head with a with a newspaper, the above five words uttered factually by my wonderful grandson would have been easier to digest.

A good friend once told me about the Hamburger Theory: the meat is the protein that will make you strong, the vegetables in the middle are needed for a healthy lifestyle and the bread is the carbohydrate and gives you energy. Now I understand why we’ve heard that eating a burger is equal to a full meal. But isn’t that what has been shouted from the rooftop for years? It’s another thing that I’m just now “getting.” Thankfully, hamburgers are quick and easy to build at home.

Truthfully, I love to wake every morning, have a cup of coffee and begin to look at a list that may have been started weeks before. It feels good to cross out some of the tasks. It’s akin to applying a face moisturizer that promises us the world.: “Age defying! Look younger in one month! Feel better!”

As much as I’d rather not admit it, I believe my grandson’s statement contains the shortest answer to all of my questions.

Keep smiling, Rosie

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