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By Rosie Preston

When I was younger, I spent much of my time working in daycare centers, where I learned a lot about kids. One of the things I learned is that they bring love and pain.

One day I sat down and wrote about it. The following is another story. My friends refer to this type of writing as Rosie’s Rambling. Have you ever found yourself acting like a fool when you’re up and down because your young child has just learned to do everyday things we take for granted?

But when your child does it for the first time, you are very close to believing this is a first and that no other child has done it before, such as when they say, “Dada” or “Mama” or take their first step. If you are a parent, you will get it and find yourself acting much like a child yourself! Just try to keep your excitement at home and not in public, or you may be taken away in handcuffs.


Kids are grubby

When clean, they love to get dirty.

Kids stink! Kids fight.

Kids suffer from hyperactivity.

Almost all kids have snotty noses.

Kids run when they should walk.

They cry when they should talk.

They can be bothersome creatures.

A lot of time they lick or tuck their fingers and toes.

Kids pull at their eyes and ears.

Kids wet or dirty their pants.

Kids untie their shoes over and over.

Kids say dirty words very loudly.

Kids throw sand and rocks.

Kids pinch, bite, and kick for no reason.

Yet kids are still cute, especially when they are yours.

When a kid belongs to you, everything is special.

Everything they do is a major miracle.

Even their messy clothes and muddy shoes are special.

When your kid laughs, you are happy.

When your kid cries, you are sad.

When your kids hurt, you feel their pain.

When a kid is yours, they bring such joy!

Kids require a lot of love and attention.

Kids mostly want to please their parents love and approval.

That is enough. That is enough.

Keep smiling, Rosie

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