Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – Learning to laugh at yourself during COVID-19


Last week was hectic. My typing was not going well as my computer insisted on acting like a child experiencing the terrible twos. Thank goodness, the machine eventually granted me a short amount of time before I had to send in my article for this week.

I’ve found that it’s a challenge to laugh during these weird times. Like many wives, I had begun to wear jogging pants, and it was evident that husbands had decided to quit shaving. Then there was the situation of a wife who forgot how to prepare meals. Some parents laughed when they turned into a home-school teacher and agreed that a teacher should make at least $1000 a day to teach children.

The news has stated that many people are dealing with depression and anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic. A phone number appearing daily on TV encourages people to call the hotline if they are suffering depression. Do not hesitate to do so if you or someone you love may need help.

Here begins the downfall of last week’s article. Many families who have always gotten along are not doing so well now. I decided to share a few of the times that Phil and I got into our play fighting. The bantering back and forth would seem very disrespectful if heard by a stranger, but we’ve learned that the laughing after the kidding around makes everyone feel a little better.

I think the article should have been titled, “I try to get everything done my way, and so does he in different situations!” As Phil washed dishes recently, I said his nose was going to turn green when he wore out the dishcloths. I can imagine Phil washing the dishes until they are full of holes (stop rolling your eyes at me, Phil!). He soon was pretending to beat me with the drying cloth!

On another day, we were waxing a car when Phil said, “Look, this is the way I do it. You just put a little wax on at a time.”

I replied, “Well, maybe mine will shine like a star.” He then suggested, “Let’s have a contest. My side will be shinier than yours!”

I pretended that I was not close to fainting. Even in the shade, the humidity caused us to be soaking wet. I chose what the winner could do – the choice where we could buy take-out food to bring home for dinner. I hate to admit it, but Phil won, hands down. So, of course, I turned the water on and squirted him with cold water (I knew it would feel wonderful).

A wonderful friend thought I was criticizing Phil in last week’s column. I was, but she didn’t know about how we play fight and then laugh it off and how it was kind of like spreading fake news.

Just think about it. Since so many family members have been together 24/7 the last few months, how can we not help but get a little snarky with each ever once in a while?

What do you miss since COVID-19 has taken up a lot of fun we could be having? For me personally, I would love to go swimming. My granddaughter would love to go to the beach. I also would like to have people to visit with us! I miss seeing my friends and talking on the phone doesn’t bring the fun and laughter we have while we’re out together.

I hope you can take a hint and start laughing at yourselves. Sometimes our lives get so caught up in what has to be done instead of choosing to dance around, act silly or watch a movie that may bring laughter, which is the best medicine!

Dear friends, please wear a mask, wash your hands frequently and maintain social distancing. Hopefully, these simple things will help keep you safe!

Keep smiling, Rosie

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