Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston: Of wet spiders and bad cavities


By Rosie Preston

There is nothing I love more than meeting with a few of my friends than sharing our humorous happenings. The names may be changed to protect the innocent, but that’s okay because some of my friends are shy. These situations did not happen recently, but I pulled them out of my rabbit’s hat to share them with you!

Ann told of staggering into the kitchen one night to make chocolate shake. She used the light of the refrigerator to gather her ingredients. Out comes the vanilla ice cream, followed by then the milk, chocolate milk mix, and cool whip topping. Ann said it looked delicious and she could hardly wait to get back to her bedroom to drink it. She took one sip, then another one, and wondered if the milk bad. The shake tasted rather strange, like no other she had ever mixed. It was after the third sip that she realized she had used barbeque sauce instead of chocolate milk mix. She poured it out and switched on the overhead light, and the second one tasted much better!

Jen shared about the time her coffee pot was flowing over with liquid and spreading all over her countertops. She had put in two carafes of water into the coffee pot instead of the intended one. Jen had to run to grab a bath towel to quickly clean up the mess. She knew what she had done and had to start over, but at least she would get her morning caffeine!

Judy laughed as she related her tale of showering with a spider. When she felt the warm water reach just the right temperature on her face, she looked up and saw a spider on the ceiling. She did not pay much attention to it, as she thought about how her husband hated spiders. Plus, on that morning she was getting ready for an appointment, so she was trying to take a quick shower and get out. Judy turned her face to the floor as she toweled dried the roots.

As she stood up, Judy felt something hit her back and knew it was too big to be a drop of water. She remembered the spider in the shower and proceeded to use the towel as a weapon as she used every dance move, she had ever used on the dance floor. Her arms and legs flailed, and she stepped higher than she had in years. After looking around at the floor, she looked into the toilet, which was where the big bad spider had landed. “How lucky can you get?” she asked her friends.

The next situation came from the mouth of my great-grandchild Ella, who was three years old last October. Phil and I gave each other a smack on the lips as we do in front of them when we are going to bed. After we got cozy with Ella in the middle and Lynne on the other side, Ella began to impart her wisdom concerning the birds and the bees.

“Nana, is Papa your boyfriend?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Are you his girlfriend?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I have a boyfriend, too.” She said this as a matter of fact, especially for a child her age. “My Mommy said I can’t kiss him on the lips.”

By this time, I was ready to faint. Ella shared his name and informed me that he goes to her day care. “If I kiss a boy on the lips, I will get very BAD cavities!”

Now I felt as if my head was spinning!

Within minutes, Ella’s mommy arrived to take the girls home when I told her what Ella had said. She picked Ella up onto her lap, and knowing this is a fragile subject, asked, “Ella, you can’t kiss a boy. I told you they have worms in their ears and bugs in their noses and bad cavities in their mouth.”

We looked at each other as her mommy finished her explanation. Within 15 minutes, they were loaded in the car and ready to go home.

Phil and I looked at each other, and I asked, “Oh my! What are we going to do?”

“Pray, because that’s all we can do for now,” he replied. “As they get older, just believe these prayers will bless and all of our girls. Did you ask Ella her boyfriend’s name?”

“No, I’m afraid she would tell me,” I said, ending that conversation and remembering the many miracles I could write about that could not have been a coincidence.

Keep Smiling, Rosie

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