Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – Q & A sessions with the greats


By Rosie Preston

My two great-granddaughters who were spending the night looked very serious as they approached me.

Brooklyn, the oldest, asked, “Nana, is this your TV remote?”

“Yes,” I replied.

The younger one, Briella, asked, “Are you sure it doesn’t go to another TV?”

“No, it looks like mine,” I replied.

They proceeded to sit at the bottom of my bed with their legs crossed while maintaining the serious look on their faces.

“Well, Nana, try to work it,” Brooklyn said.

I did so, and nothing happened.

Briella asked if I had new batteries. Of course, Brooklyn knew exactly where I kept said batteries. If I happen to run out and forget to buy more, this Nana is in for some serious complaining.

I took the old batteries out and put in the new ones. I clicked the remote, but nothing happened.

“Nana, are you sure you turned them the right way?” Briella asked.

“Yes, I’m absolutely positive I did,” I responded.

“Did you shake the remote like this?” Brooklyn asked as she shook the device as hard as she could.

“Don’t break that, Brooklyn!” Briella warned.

What are we going to do?” Brooklyn asked.

“Let’s get your library box out and read a book,” I suggested.

After the great-granddaughters lugged the box across the bed, we got comfy and cozy on our pillows. Sometimes, they want to choose a book we’ve already read several times because they have memorized it, but luckily, they chose a new book this time.

I could not believe anything could be more comfortable than having a great-grandchild on each shoulder! I would read a page first, then they would take turns changing the story just enough to feel good about getting to read! After we read three books, I could tell by their eyes that it was sleepy time!

“Oh, what a beautiful night,” I thought to myself as the girls dressed their babies in their night clothes and soon were all ready for the lights to go out (both girls don’t go to sleep without saying their prayers).

I’m indeed thankful the time we spent together, and I’m already looking forward to this Saturday morning. There is a new park just about a block from my home, and we love it!

Keep smiling, Rosie

Rosie Preston may be contacted at

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