Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – Sounding the alarm at Nana’s house


By Rosie Preston

Several years ago, we decided to check into a home alarm system. I feel safer knowing that if I’m either at home or away from home, the police will be there within minutes. We also decided to get a combination fire and carbon monoxide alarm.

The other day, our alarm system became more significant than ever because we have a little girl who is almost three years old. She is a little escape artist, and for at least for the past year has learned to unlock doors. So, it alarms us if she has opened a door.

I’d thought about keeping people out of my home, but I never thought about keeping a little person inside my home! Just to let you know a little about her personality, we call her The Firecracker. She seems to be everywhere at once! She also can tell a tale, and you have to listen because sometimes she makes up stories to share with us based on some part truth and some part imagination. As she talks, her facial expressions change from excitement to serious within seconds.

Our little girl already loves books, loves to be told about the photos in my home and loves to share what she learned at her daycare center. Her name is Briella, and she’s coming to spend the night, so I’ll walk through the house and make sure it’s safe for the little one.

I wish an alarm sounds every time one of the grandchildren opens the re-frigerator door and sits to get colder. And when I say something about closing it, I hear something like, “I like the cold.”

Being around younger people, whether it be adults or babies, it makes me feel young again. I know I’ve heard the word “old” connected with me, and I always feel surprised. However, I do not correct the person who may say that word, but in my mind, nothing has changed except the natural aging process. Exercise is the key to feeling young and healthier, and when the young ones visit, I get enough walking as I keep up with them. I still love to be active, and I’ve learned that when one of the four girls (aging from eight months to six years) is here, we dance and go outside to play. They are our live entertainment! They also ask enough questions for me to be mentally exhausted.  “Nana, do you have bananas?” or “Nana, do you have chicken?”

The list goes on and on, because when they come here, they know I will have bought the ice cream and the juice, and there’s a lot more that I can list of the things they love about coming to Nana and Papa’s house.

Just to let you know, it did surprise me how inexpensive the alarm system was for our home. It’s around $11 a week. It’s the one thing I would never do without. So think about getting one, because crime is increasing. An alarm system could save your family from being injured and your house from being robbed.

A car alarm on your bedside table can also be used as a backup if you hear your home alarm. Together, both alarms may scare someone away!

The alarm clock was the first alarm that got my attention. When I first started school, I could hardly wait for the alarm to sound so that I could get up and get ready before the bus arrived. It would be terrible if I did not use an alarm to remind me of what I need to do on any given day.

In today’s world, we continuously hear alarms – some are for protection and some are from our country’s violence. We see bright blue or red blinking lights, and we find out by watching the news that the alarm systems cover us just as an umbrella does during the rain.

When you think about what you’ve read, I urge everyone to get an alarm system for your home. You really can sleep better and feel more confident. Whether you are in your home or away from home, it is protected! It can help you to feel less frightened, disturbed or in danger.

Keep Smiling, Rosie

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