Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – the bag lady and the return of Skipper


By Rosie Preston

Often there are times I want to write an article which may involve more than one or two articles. However, since we are not living in what we can now describe as our lives before the COVID-19 virus and how our lives have changed since last March. Already, many people, including family and friends, just don’t see them. We keep in touch by phone, e-mail and or Facebook. So here goes me sharing my random thoughts with you.

First of all, one situation that absolutely breaks my heart is when I see a homeless person or couple walking and looking so pitiful (and sometimes wearing a backpack) as they go forward, step by step. I have to talk myself out of helping someone in this condition. Many years ago, I was a director at a homeless shelter, during which time I learned a lot. We provided three meals a day and tried to find clothes. Many thrift stores would donate two to three outfits to each person. It was during this time when I started my own project to help people walk. I made up several bags of different food, and when I got far enough for them to see the bag, I waved and hoped that the food helped them if they were hungry.

The second thing that breaks my heart is when I see dogs and cats that look skinny. I have a harder time helping those animals, and I’m open to your suggestions. I’ve picked up several dogs through the years and often found them a good home. There were others that were so used to continuing to their destination that I could not even contain them in a fence.

We had a dog when I was in grammar school. Skipper was a great puppy before starting acting sick. The veterinarian told us that he would not live, so we took Skipper to the humane society. About seven months later I was in my family’s kitchen when heard a noise at the door. There was a terrible storm outside, and I just could not connect this sound to the storm. I opened the door, and there was Skipper. We were so surprised! He came inside that night and he stayed close to home. That is why I often think when a dog will not stay at a certain place, the reason is that he may be like Skipper. He may be trying to find his way home.

My random thoughts are something like this: “Could we make a huge homeless shelter, one for people and another for animals? And how could we get the homeless people there? Could we have another shelter for animals that could offer a lot of space where they could have a chance to be adopted?”

This may be the first huge holiday for family and friends. Thanksgiving Day is when families around the world celebrated the day with a new norm, which probably will last through the Christmas season. It may last for many months. Every family I’ve spoken with had changed important dates such as birthday parties and weddings. And to think all this happened to our country since last March.  Every situation has changed because of COVID-19 affecting so many lives. We want to be safe during this pandemic.

Thanks so much for reading The Messenger newspaper. I would like to remind you that a year’s subscription is only $30, and it is a gift that would arrive in your mailbox every Friday or Saturday. Look us up online. I like to have the paper version so I can keep reading it at different times. We are a great newspaper that only shares good news!

Here’s wishing you will be safe. Wear a mask, wash your hands often and don’t get in a crowded place. The one thing that always makes me shake my head is when I see people in different places who choose not to wear a mask. I look at them and think, “Why? Why? Why?”

Keep smiling, Rosie

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