Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston – The Coronavirus Journals, Part VI


By Rosie Preston

My daughter came to my house on Mother’s Day and brought me scrumptious soaps and lotions. She also told me that I needed a break. I probably did look somewhat weary. I had become sad with everything that’s going on in our United States of America because of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the news filled with thousands of people taking to the streets to protest racial injustice.
Back to Mother’s Day. Every few minutes, the guest kept coming! My son, his lady friend and one of my grandchildren, and her four girls showed up. I almost jumped with joy! Along with Rachel’s soap, I was given fresh flowers, a potted flower and so many cards!
All of us were outside within minutes and posing for photos. I attempted to smile, hoping I would not ruin the photo. The pictures came out, great with everyone looking happy!
Earlier this week I decided to do as my daughter Rachel suggested – take a bath with a bath bomb!
“Mom, you’ll love this,” she said. “When you relax in the tub and then get out, you will feel like you’ve been pampered and had lotion applied all over your body.”
I tried it, of course, and I love to share her products, which make wonderful gifts.
I’m now going to let my daughter, Rachel Spurling, tell you her story:
I started making organic soaps over two years ago to hopefully heal family members with skin problems. My passion in life now is to help other people. So far, my son and niece no longer have acne. The white bumps on my granddaughter’s arms are gone, my dad’s psoriasis is clearing up and a friend no longer has dandruff. I only use the best products. One bar will last five months because it cured, or baked. I list the ingredients and benefits on a tag attached to each bar. I also make it in small batches. There are no chemicals.
This soap has healing and therapeutic properties. The natural ingredients preserve the integrity and moisturize your skin. Store-bought soaps contain chemicals such as lye, DEA, sodium
tallowate, alcohol, BHT and triclosan. Store-bought soaps are also mass-produced and melts away quickly.
“Each batch of my soap has a different look and contains many ingredients. I enjoy mixing up the look of the soap using different colors and shapes. One of the soaps contain donkey milk, activated charcoal, rosemary and tea tree essential oils. Benefits include anti-aging; clearing up acne; treating psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis; reducing pores; tightening and firming skin; sucking out impurities that cause body odor and erasing wrinkles. This soap is also antibacterial and promotes hair growth.
For those interested, please visit my Facebook page at Rachel’s Organic Products. I hope you will try it! The lowest price is $5 and increases according to size to around $10. Thanks, and I hope to meet you soon.
Dear readers, I hope you will look up Rachel and try some of the healthy products she is selling.
Keep smiling, Rosie
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