Keep Smiling with Rosie Preston: When grandchildren call 911


By Rosie Preston

“Aunt Mary Beth, the police are coming,” said six-year old Brea. “I called 911. I saw it on TV when a child is lost!”

“There’s not a child lost here.” I said. “That happened in another city.”

“It’s in America,” she replied.

Within minutes, Attalla’s finest arrived. By then Brea had decided that perhaps they would help find her green ball. The police officer spoke to my granddaughter with compassion, explaining the difference between a false alarm and one that requires police participation.

That was not the first time I experienced a grandchild using the phone and causing a chaotic situation. It was years ago when my oldest grandson came knocking on my bathroom door.

“NaNa, A man wants to talk to you on the phone, now! It’s an emergency!”

With shampoo running in my eyes, I grabbed the phone.


“Who are you?” a man asked.

“Who are you?” I questioned.

“This child says he’s home alone. How do I know who you are? I’m calling the police.”

“He’s not alone. I’m his grandmother!”

“My wife wants to call the police.”

“Well, then, call the police!”

All the while, during this conversation, I was pointing my finger at grandson and silently mouthing the words, “Boy, you are in trouble!”

Luckily, the man believed me and did not call the police. I told my grandson to stay off the phone and that I’d deal with him when I finished my shower.

Kids do the most outrageous things. Years ago, I’d left my son in our van while I went into a laundromat. After picking up the laundry, there was no trace of Joseph. My knees were trembling and my voice quivering as I called his name over and over. I decided to call 911 after I looked in the van one more time. That’s when I found him, hiding under the last back seat.

Sometimes children do not understand that hide and seek is not always a fun game.         

Matthew 8:26 NIV: Jesus replied, ‘Ye of little faith, why are you so afraid?’ Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.”

God is always there to give us the strength, determination and willpower to handle any crisis.

Keep smiling, Rosie

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