Keep Smiling with Rosie – Spilled pickle juice and the Big Boy


By Rosie Preston

The appointment with my ENT doctor, Kurt Kantzler, led to a simple surgical procedure earlier this week to remove what I had thought was an ingrown hair. When Kantzler took it out, I wanted to see it (I’m nosy that way). I knew it was a hard “whatever” because that’s how it got my attention. There was no hair attached. It was a small red and round circle and so tiny that I would have thought it would have been easy to remove, but it seemed to take him a while to cut it out. Other than biting my tongue to keep from screaming during the injection, the procedure went well.

I was sent home with a cream prescription and had to buy saline solution. I did that before arriving home and then took a nap. When I awoke, my nose was having a terrible itch attack.

This wasn’t the only itch I had been dealing with, as I had already been infected with pink eye for a couple of days. Nothing is as aggravating as having an itch you can’t scratch!

My answer was to scream for my granddaughter to bring Q-Tips and my medication. As soon as the cream was applied, the itching stopped. I went back to sleep with no problem.

In the middle of the night when it was still dark, I jumped out of bed because I had a cramp in my right leg. I kept telling myself to relax, and finally when I could hobble to the kitchen, I opened the fridge to find some pickle juice.

That’s when the situation took a turn for the worse, because I turned the lid, dropped the jar and spilled the juice all over my legs and feet. I found a towel to clean up the mess and jump into the shower, I’ve made a lot of foolish mistakes in my life, but pickle juice? It must have helped, because after drinking the small amount left in the jar the cramp did not come back.

The night temperature was perfect as I settled back into my bed. Then Ella, my five-year old granddaughter, woke up crying. Her nose was bleeding on her face and on the sheets and pillowcase. That took a while to clean up and assure her it was over (which I really didn’t know if it was). We cuddled up and went back to sleep.

Doggie, our new rescue dog, always barks when he needs to go outside. I had no choice but to get up and open the door for him knowing he wouldn’t be outside over five minutes before he would be barking to come back in. I opened the freezer, and wow – a container of chocolate ice cream was right in front of me! I grabbed a bowl and a spoon, and by the time I finished eating, Doggie was ready to come back inside. When I opened his sleeping crate, he rolled over on his back asking for a tummy rub. I just wanted to sleep, but I rubbed his tummy with my foot for a short minute. Doggie was happy, and so I went back to bed.

Because my sleep was disrupted so many times, it did not surprise me the clock now showed 3 a.m. I used it as an excuse to sleep for a little longer the next morning, when I prepared my coffee and headed outside to make the short walk to my she-shed barn/office to write this article.

The weather on Wednesday is so beautiful, and I cannot help but think of all the people in the world who are suffering from the nasty weather where they live. To have to be digging in the mess of an earthquake is unimaginable for me. There are droughts, flooding and snow where the weather has given the residents big surprises as it inflicts havoc. It wasn’t that many decades ago when the weatherman didn’t know how to predict what was coming to give us time to prepare. I was terrified when I was a young girl when dark clouds and thunder rolled in our sky. I always had to call my mother from school, or if I was at home, I would grab a Bible, and if my daddy was there, he would hold me.

I had dog for 14 years. a 55-pound mixed breed named Big Boy. He was so afraid of storms that I would have to hold onto his collar as he fought to get in bed with me. I’ll never forget the night when my mother was living with us and I heard her screaming, “Help me, Rosie! Big Boy is in bed with me!” It was one of those situations whether I didn’t know to laugh or cry, because the dog was lying right on top of her!

This morning my family had an intervention meeting with me about me eating all the chocolate ice cream. I can’t imagine why they would blame me.

Keep smiling, Rosie

P.S. A big hello to Davin Dillard, who lives in Texas and is a customer service agent for my cable TV company. He was so surprised when I told him that we have some of the nicest homes for much lower prices than in other states. I told him all about the Gulf Coast beach, and we had a great conversation. I told him I would send him some articles. He’ll going to be very shocked when he reads this one!

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