Keep Smiling…Two parties are better than one


By Rosie Preston

During my lifetime, I’ve attended many parties, all involving friends making plans to celebrate different types of events. So you can imagine when I tell you that I’ve recently attended the two wildest parties ever!

It seemed everyone was arriving at the correct time. Cars were being parked and re-parked as drivers decided who would be leaving earlier than others. As the partygoers entered the house, I couldn’t help but notice that many people were engaging in vigorous activity. Many people gathered in the kitchen, den and living room or on the front porch.

After finding a comfortable place, I sat down in the living room with a central view of everything. I noticed that many people were drinking punch. It looked delicious, so I helped myself.

I then noticed other types of food and fruit and even a cake! This was a birthday party, so surely it wouldn’t be long until we were served.

There was dancing and jumping on a trampoline, and the younger people were sneaking off to the bedroom. As I became curious, I followed the crowd and noticed a fun room that included a trampoline that the kids were taking turns jumping on.

I then heard voices coming from the closet. I ventured towards the laughing and screaming, which caused me to react by opening the doors. Three people came out of the closet, and a couple of them squeezed under the bed. They continued to laugh and scream as I tried to look under the bed and find out what was going on!

I later found myself on the front porch as others were congregating to run around in the yard.

“Gee,” I thought, “if I could just bottle that energy, I would be rich!

The lady who was in charge of the party then called everyone to attention.

“It’s time to cut the cake,” she announced.

The younger people came running and pushed through to the chairs around the table as they laughed loudly.

“My turn, me first!”

The lady in charge was my granddaughter and the mother who orchestrated two birthday parties in the last few weeks.

This column is a combination of what happened at my great-granddaughter’s birthday parties. Brooklyn turned three on August 28 and Briella turned two on October 4. There was not enough room to give more information about the individual parties, but I think you can imagine it when I say that these may be the two wildest parties I’ve ever attended.

The actions taken by the children at both parties can be combined because the parties were very similar except for the dates being a few weeks apart. Everyone had such a good time, and it was a little difficult to explain to children that young that not everyone had presents to unwrap. But nothing could have been more fun than to watch my great-grandchild opened each gift. The children were very young, but they did know that birthday parties are fun!

After each celebration, I was eager to get home and recover from the energy it took just watching the children run and jump and play with their friends. The memories I will always hold dear will be from all the parties that I’ve attended for my children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren.

Could it be true that the heart connects that closely with the brain and brings back thumbnail photo memories? Just as my computer “saves” after I push a key, my snapshots are saved in my personal hard drive, only to be ‘opened’ again at will.

Keep Smiling, Rosie

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