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Editor’s Note: The staff of The Messenger fully believe that the growth and improvement of our society relies on the future thinkers and leaders around us — children. For this reason, The Messenger has created Kids Korner, a weekly opportunity for local children to display their stories and ideas. When a child’s creativity is encouraged, we are gifted a glimpse of what the future might be. While we may never have magic boxes granting our every wish, we can be assured that we will all face challenges that take creativity and courage to overcome. If you know of a child who might be interested in submitting stories, email or call our office at 256-547-1049.


“The Magic Box”

By Charlotte Bailey

Once upon a time, there was a very busy little girl named Macy. She had two after school activities every day of the week! Then she had lots of homework and did lots of chores too. Her parents told her that she did not have to do all of the chores, but she insisted. They went on many trips, so she got lots of extra work from her teacher, but she was still at the top of her class.

One day, when she had a lot of extra work, she got a huge box.

“How curious,” she thought that strange afternoon. “I never get packages.”

There was a note on the side that said, “To Help You.”

“How weird! How strangely weird” thought Macy.

When she opened the box, it was empty! Macy was very surprised.

“I thought that there would be something in here to help me!”

She wished and she wished that she would get something in the box. Then a gold glimmer caught her eye. Macy looked closer and saw a gold necklace with a star, a heart and a moon charm on it. She picked it up in awe. The box must be magic!

Macy soon figured out how to work the magic box. All she had to do was touch the box and wish for something then poof! There it was!

She had a limit of three wishes per day, but if she wanted more wishes, she had to do something good. She could wish for anything — anything in the whole world!

She wished for a lot of things and that made her very happy. She was able to wish for things that helped her complete all that she had to do, but she realized that it was more fun to work hard and complete those things on her own.

So, she decided to use the box for fun wishes or to help others, rather than to help herself. She is still at the top of her class and is very happy.

She lived happily ever after.

Charlotte Bailey is nine years old and will be entering fourth grade at Eura Brown Elementary this fall. She likes to play piano and soccer and does ballet, tap and art. She loves reading and writing and hopes to be a writer when she grows up.

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