Leaving a candy trail takes effort


By Vicki Scott

School is out, and my husband Alan and I currently are setting up our home as Grandchildren Central. We are now officially in the Nana/Pop mode – we think, talk and shop “grands.” Everywhere we go, we look at things and think of our grandchildren. Our oldest, Ava Jaymes, loves shoes and unicorns. Saylor Rhea is next, and she loves their little chihuahua, Rue. The youngest, Tyler Kate and Addy V., who both are around two years old, are the queen chocolate lovers. All four of the grandchildren love chocolate, but Tyler Kate and Addy V. could – and probably have – in their lifetime eaten their weight in chocolate.

One Thursday night during an online auction, Alan bought 40 pounds worth of Milky Way Minis, two big 20-pound boxes full of nothing but wrapped, bite-sized chocolate bars. The man loves our grands so much, he is smitten. I know as much because I wanted that candy for the same reason. Our grandchildren are not spoiled, are they?

When we returned to Dadeville, Alan was traumatized because he forgot the candy. During the second trip back, he decided to just bring one box and get the other one later. He put the box on the counter and went to my donation pile where I set up for items that I wanted to get rid of. Alan found some containers with lids that would be perfect for putting his candy in and giving to people as gifts. He filled the bowls and put them on a table. He was proud of himself, but we still had half of the box left, along with a full box in Glencoe.

When family visited, we presented each family with a box of candy. The grands bounced off the walls and the furniture, excited as someone who had eaten chocolate. We still had candy to get rid of, uh, give as gifts.

Another possible recipient of a box of candy was the fellow at the thrift store donation center. It was time for us to head back to Glencoe, and I ask Alan to help me load up items to donate. The workers at Center of Hope seem appreciative of everything, and we love giving to them as much as we can. This time was no different.

Our mail carrier received a box of candy that same day. As much as mail carriers chase me down to give me my packages, they deserve at least some candy. We’ve been blessed with our mail carriers. I do not know why, but mail carriers have been good to us in both Glencoe and Dadeville. The one in Dadeville is our son Joseph’s age and played baseball with him. His mother works at the local bank and has been a Godsend on many occasions. This mail carrier’s wife is a friend of our daughter Eva as well.

The mail carrier before this one had a daughter in Eva’s class, and we were good friends. They all deserve candy, but we’re on a time schedule here.

Alan found some more containers in the donation box at our home in Glencoe and made more candy boxes. It does not look like any candy is missing from the original box, but some pieces are. Several candy containers went to our church for distribution. I think someone is enjoying getting rid of all this candy. Not to bust Alan’s bubble, but he still has a long way to go.

The next day was Alan’s last day to volunteer at George Wallace Senior Center, so he brought boxes of candy for everyone as a parting gift. They all were very appreciative and ate candy all day.

When the grands visited at our home in Dadeville, they were excited to get another container of candy from the two boxes originally intended for them. We had no idea how much candy 40 pounds contained. Tyler Kate did sneak an extra box.

Tyler Kate tried to help her Papa get rid of as much candy as much as she could. We caught her taking a container with every visit. This candy queen had a look during the process, a sheepish grin that made her an expert at what she does best – being sneaky and eating chocolate. All we could do is laugh. We did not want the chocolate.

After all of the above generosity, we still have more than three-fourths of a box full of candy in Glencoe and about half a box full in Dadeville. All four grandchildren are trying to help us get rid of the chocolate and seem for some reason to have more energy than usual.

I think perhaps it’s time to go shoe shopping and look for unicorns and doggie treats. Chocolate, anyone?

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