Leaving my heart in South Glencoe


By Vicki Scott

As the Scott household tying up loose ends, I have noticed a sizeable amount of “Now Hiring” signs in business windows.

The Jack’s in Dadeville had to close its lobby because of help shortage. That restaurant held a special place in my heart because of how good it was to my mother. My husband Alan and I are regulars at the Jack’s in Hokes Bluff. Hopefully, that won’t happen to them. The closings seem to be at all the restaurants we enjoy.

Poplar Dawgs in Dadeville is our lunch spot. $6 will buy a special of the day, which most of the time consists of a sandwich, chips and drink. The owner is impressive in knowing everyone’s name when they come in. Alan and I went there to Poplar Dawgs this past weekend and there was a “Now Hiring” sign in several places. Alan saw a friend of his and went to his table to catch up on things before I realized he was not behind me anymore. The people in line in front of me were probably new and motioned for me to go ahead and order. I thanked them and told them my husband was socializing was paying, so I had to wait. After a while I told them I might have to get a job there so I could eat. Alan arrived back and paid before anyone took me seriously. With my body operating in slow motion lately, hiring me might be a mistake, as most of my movements occur in my jaw area.

Alan and I love Waffle House, a love shared by our son’s father-in-law. I was surprised at that because he is Greek chef who owned and ran restaurants. I thought he would not like any other restaurants because of his expertise, but he lights up when we mention Waffle House. Every time we visited a Waffle House this week, they were all too crowded with not enough help.

Lowe’s and Home Depot also have hiring signs up. I would probably be their best customer if I were to be employed at either of these places. They are No. 2 in places I like to look. No. 1 are residential houses. That is why I sold real estate for a while when our children were babies. I sold my mother and father their lake house that I just sold. I still like looking in houses, trailers Home Depot, and Lowe’s for decorating ideas and dreams. I wonder if I would get a discount for working part-time at either store.

There are many places hiring, but the main one on my heart is the position I am leaving at the George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe. This job is the cat’s meow for the right person. I have been praying for someone better than me to replace me. I gave them all I had, and my heart is with the center. There are so many more talented and outgoing persons that me, but none more passionate. My prayer is that God will send the perfect person soon to take over my adventure. I miss them already due to COVID-19, but it will bring great joy to me to know that I will be replaced by an awesome person.

I prayed for the perfect people to buy my mother’s home, and God showed out when a retired couple whose wife taught elementary school (like my mother) purchased it. Incidentally, I had met her before and liked her then. They knew mom and about her dementia. I also prayed for my brother to find someone who is his soulmate, and God showed out again. She is precious!

Thinking on these incidents alone, I am excited at the thought of seeing God show out again at George Wallace Senior Center. He knows what the center needs, and it will come in His time.  God knows what we all need, and it will come in His time and with our obedience. Knowing my Savior, I can face the future with excitement.

I am glad everyone is hiring right now. Stay safe, y’all!

Contact Vicki Scott at lily200383@yahoo.com.

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