Lettermen of USA receives APF grant


Submitted photo: 1983 Southside High School graduate and Lettermen of the USA founder and president Darryl Fuhrman (pictured, center) accepts a contribution from the Alabama Power Foundation for the Lettermen’s Interiors for Heroes program. Pictured with Fuhrman from left are Alabama Power Foundation Project Coordinators Susan Cormany and Alison Howell, Alabama Power Foundation Board Director John Corso and 1983 Southside High School graduate and former University of Alabama quarterback David Smith. 


The Alabama Power Foundation recently presented a generous contribution to the Lettermen of the USA’s Interiors for Heroes program, highlighting the longstanding partnership and dedication to serving the community between the two organizations.
“The Alabama Power Foundation’s unwavering support for the Lettermen of the USA Interiors for Heroes program demonstrates the power of collaboration and community engagement,” said Lettermen of USA founder and executive director Darryl Fuhrman, a 1983 Southside High School graduate. “Through its continued partnership, the foundation has provided essential resources and assistance to veterans in need, fostering positive change and improving lives.”
The foundation has maintained a long history of support with LotUSA, starting with a fundraising event that sparked the creation of Lettermen of the USA.
“The Alabama Power Foundation demonstrated its commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals in need,” said Fuhrman. “By recognizing the importance of creating sustainable and positive change, the foundation reaffirms its commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who have bravely served their country.”
A 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the Lettermen of the USA owes its inception to a significant event that took place in 2011when a devastating tornado ripped through Tuscaloosa, leaving a trail of destruction and affecting the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals. In response to this tragedy, former University of Alabama and Auburn University football players organized a flag football game to raise funds for the tornado victims.
Recognizing the impact that the game had on the community, the Alabama Power Foundation provided support to those in need. From the unity and compassion displayed during the flag football game, the idea for Lettermen of the USA emerged. The organization’s mission was and is to help U.S. military veterans facing various challenges by providing essential services and support. In particular, Lettermen of the USA Interiors for Heroes program focuses on assisting veterans with home improvement projects, ensuring they have safe and comfortable living environments.
“The Lettermen of the USA invites everyone to join their team and contribute to their noble cause,” said Fuhrman. “By supporting this initiative, individuals can play a significant role in improving the lives of veterans who are in need of assistance. Whether it’s through financial contributions, volunteering, or spreading awareness, every effort counts in making a lasting impact.”
To learn more about Lettermen of the USA, visit LotUSA.org.

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