Many special memories of growing up in Beauregard


By Vicki Scott

By the time you read this, I’m sure there will be so many instances of people meeting U.S. President Donald Trump and his family while they visited Beauregard. Regretfully, I didn’t get a chance to meet them, but I cannot even try to imagine what this community went through. I am not worthy of the honor of presidential visitation, but I while watching the videos of our friends and family, I somehow felt like the President and First Lady visited me as well.

Every road in this community was very familiar and brought back so many memories. From age 4 to age 11, my family and I lived in Beauregard down a road that at one time ran right next to Providence Baptist Church. I grew up in Beauregard and proud of it. Everyone knew everybody.

The first house on the right past Providence Baptist Church was Mrs. Eula Mayberry, my school bus driver. She sometimes would take me home with her and babysit me until mom came and picked me up. She had two daughters that I thought were so beautiful!

On the left side of the road were the Huffs, my bus driver’s parents. They grew Catawba trees that had “Catawba worms” and sold these worms for people to fish with. When I hung out over there, I would help people get them off the tree. I enjoyed playing with those squishy caterpillars, too!

The road was blocked off several years after we moved, and one would have to turn in a few blocks down the road to get to our place.

Vacation Bible School was a fond memory at Providence Baptist Church as a child. The church’s pastor was Ray Dismukes. I remember him because of his act of kindness. I remember painting some praying hands that I wrapped to give to my grandma. They were broken when she opened her gift, but she kept them anyway.

My mom would throw away anything out of place. If I left anything on the floor, she would throw it away. I wish I had that ability, because I have so much junk. 

My mom threw away something important that I left on the floor one time, and my parents took me to the dumpster. After a few words of reprimand, dad lifts me up and puts me in the dumpster to find whatever the item was. I was crying, mostly because I was afraid of my father. If I had a choice of taking a spanking from my dad and jumping out of an airplane, I would look for a parachute as I prepared to jump! 

Pastor Dismukes drove up and ask if we needed any help. My dad explained that I was learning a lesson and what all happened. Pastor Dismukes stood there a moment and then jumped up and climbed in with me! The next thing I knew, he was in that dumpster of trash helping me find what I left on the floor! He preached at Providence Baptist for about 15 years. Rusty Sowell replaced him about 35 years ago. 

Pastor Dismukes’ wife Shirley worked at Frederick’s Funeral Home in Opelika, and I would tell her that story every time I saw her. She called me the Trash Lady.

While watching the videos and reminiscing, I saw the pastor’s son David, who served our country and was now serving the community of Beauregard in the same church his dad served. David was being interviewed by the television station, and when his name popped up, I jumped with excitement! I know his dad is up in heaven smiling. Wow, what a testimony to his life!

My heart is heavy and the people in and around Beauregard are continuously in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t fathom the devastation and losses, but I am very familiar with your community.  It owns part of my childhood. Our president seemed not only impressed but immensely blessed. I know I was! Go Hornets! Beauregard Strong!

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