Mixed emotions and happy reunions at a high school football game


By Vicki Scott

I attended a high school football game last Friday night, and it took a bucket full of pride to swallow for me to be there. I had to do it to see my oldest grandchild, Ava, cheer with the little ones at halftime. I had not been back to this school since I left after 13 years of teaching. I do not want to miss any part of our precious grandkids and their milestones, however, so I had to suck it up.

2009 been a tough time, and several changes had taken place. My husband’s place of employment at the time had closed about a month before my dad passed away from a brain tumor in November, shortly after Thanksgiving. After my daddy passed away, I had no fight in me. My husband Alan was very supportive, and despite his feelings, tried to keep me upbeat. At the end of that school year, I was told that there were cutbacks and that I did not have a job anymore. I went to my classroom, cleaned out 13 years of my life and never looked back until tonight, when my son brought his children here.

Both of my children graduated from this school and did very well. I praise God that I was at the same school they were in during their school years. They might not have liked it too much because I was always able to keep up with them, but I was easy access if they needed something.  I am not very good with young children but it was unbearable being without my babies. They were with me everywhere I went, and I treasure those times.

God had a plan for me, without a doubt, but I still have a sense of tension about the whole adventure. Because of my son Joseph, I am trying to stay positive. He could not believe I was there at the football game. He said that Ava was stoked because I was there but I think he was more stoked than Ava was. They both came up and hugged me, so the tension was worth it.

A couple of Alan’s friends drove up to us in a truck, and we chatted. Then, while walking toward the football field, I saw a familiar face. I looked at Joseph and said, “Is that…”

He replied, “Yes, ma, it is.”

I kept walking, and when we got to the entrance, I was greeted with lots of hugs and “Hey, Mrs. Scott!” Several of my former students sat around us, and some came to see me during the game showing off their beautiful children. My heart was full!

God knew I needed to be pushed from the nest for Him to work through me for another purpose. It started last Friday night at a football game among former students who have done well. I praise God for each and every one of them. Eventually, the awkwardness will wear down. It will have to. I want to be there to see my grandkids.

Grandparent’s Day is this Friday, and I am a grandparent. Let’s do this! Thanks, Lord, for making me face my awkwardness and confirm that You had a plan for me!

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