Ms. 80 Pounds feeds a cardinal


By Vicki Scott

This past week I was sitting on our porch staring at the birdfeeders while hoping to see a hummingbird. My husband Alan eventually joined me and told me about his ride on his recent motorcycle ride, only to stop in mid-sentence to tell me he saw a hummingbird (I look away one second to listen to him and he gets the glory!). I soon saw it as well – a ruby-throated hummingbird. It was my first hummingbird sighting this year!

Alan rushed to the feeder to change the sugar water, saying that it was too old. While he was gone, the hummingbird returned for a split-second and flew off. When the fresh sugar water was in place, the bird returned. I was so excited! I took a photo and sent a group text to my new seniors who exercise with me. Several of them had seen hummingbirds, especially Ms. 80 Pounds (the lady who used 80 pounds of sugar last year to feed her little beauties). One lady said she was mad because she did not see any at her feeders, while another remarked that she needed to buy a feeder.

As I was staring at the hummingbird humming around the feeders, a cardinal made an appearance. This is the first time this year I have noticed a cardinal, ironically just after the hummingbird. The cardinal just looked at me as if to say, “What? I never left.” One of my seniors called it “Double the Pleasure.” I felt on top of the world!

When I see a hummingbird, I think of my mother doing all she could during her fight against dementia. I think about the story of the hummingbird fighting the forest fire, in which all the other animals were teasing the little hummer as it worked hard filling its beak with water from a nearby stream and spitting it on the fire. The other animals told the little bird that the fight was useless, and the hummingbird responded by saying, “I am doing all I can.” That story inspired our Hummingbird group motto, “Doing All We Can.”

The cardinal was my mother’s favorite type of bird. She held one once after it probably flew into one of our windows and was dazed while she picked it up. When the bird came to, it bloodied my mom’s hand. She held it long enough for us to see it. Cardinals mate for life, which makes me think of my father. He never left my mother until God called him home.

Our group shared memories that were sparked by the symbolism of a cardinal as a loved one coming to visit. It was a glorious time until one of the seniors informed me that the Hallmark Channel was on television and that I should get off my phone and watch. We all stopped texting, but I stayed on my porch watching the birds fly.

For the record, my mother hardly ever watched television. I do not watch it very much, and I’m certainly not starting now. In this season of my life, I understand why. My mom loved to live life and visit people.

I love and miss my parents so much! Their life was much better than a Hallmark movie. Maybe I’ll write a book it about one day. Stay safe, y’all!

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