“No Show” Scott strikes again


By Vicki Scott

George Jones is one of my husband’s, favorite singers. I recall the words to one of his songs, “I don’t need no rocking chair.” It may or may not be the name of the song, but I can relate to those lyrics, as many things have changed in my mind and, apparently, my reputation.

Although I cannot blame my mother for her loving to drive, I hate to drive. When my mother’s driving privileges were taken away and I drove her everywhere, she would correct everything I did, which only intensified how I already felt about driving. I can drive, but I choose not to do so if at all possible.

I even let our children drive, which scares me. I drove my kids everywhere until they were old enough to drive, and now they drive me everywhere. There are occasions when I prefer to drive, but the older I get, the rarer those occasions happen.

It takes an emergency for me to drive at night. I cannot see, even though my eye doctor says I can. He might be a doctor, but I am not taking any chances. I’ve missed a lot of social gatherings because of the anxiety of driving by myself at night. This is where my reputation falls in place.

Our son Joseph does not like to drive much, either. It was funny watching us wait to see who would take the driver’s seat the other day when we had to drive an hour to his sister’s house. We both are capable drivers but would rather not drive unless it is absolutely necessary. It may be genetic, as my grandmother never drove anywhere, either (yes, she had a driver’s license).

The other day, I drove our son and his children to our daughter Eva’s house. We planned to follow her to a baby shower. Joseph and I finally came to an agreement that I would drive, and he would drive back if it was dark. We arrived at the baby shower and the mother-to-be was shocked that I came. I did not realize that there was a reputation cloud hanging over my head. Perplexed, I asked Eva if I had a reputation for not going to parties, and she reminded me that I had tried to get out of going to this particular party. In my defense, I was not trying to get out of attending the party; I’d just forgotten about it. There is a difference.

This incident reminded me of another event that I’d forgotten about. One of my best friend’s daughter was graduating from college, which I was expected to attend. I was in a whole lot of trouble when I forgot about it. My friend soon held another party for her daughter, and I was informed of my chance to redeem myself. I did not forget or try to get out of it. I felt honored that I was missed; I’m not that special!

Prior to another party, the host knew there might be a chance that I would not attend. She and my children teamed up on me in hopes I would come, but eventually I won. If there are a lot of unfamiliar people and I can’t locate a good corner to hide out in, I cannot understand why I would be missed. I do feel honored that they tried, but I‘m just not that special. Now that I think about it, this might have been a clue that I was a “No Show” Scott.

Everyone who knows me knows there are four beautiful, precious, smart, loving, and talented blessings in my life whom I like to call my “grands.” I go to their events, but I’ve never had to drive, and I praise God for that. If I could withstand the heat, my life would be perfect.

Our two oldest grandchildren asked their Papa why Nana does not drive. When Saylor Rhea, the second oldest, asked, it went something like this: “Why don’t Nana drive? Is she too old?”

Ava Jaymes noticed her daddy informing me of a stop sign coming up, and she asked me if that was why I could not drive.  Those kids don’t miss a thing.

With so many changes going on lately, most people have been understanding when I do not plan or commit to anything, which I appreciate. When things start settling down and I run out of excuses, that might change. Until then, I do not need a rocking chair, even though I do love to rock in a rocking chair. It is just the way I live my life, or so I’ve been told by sweet Ava Jaymes!

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