Of beauty pageants and former May Day queens


By Vicki Scott

Last year, we traveled to dance recitals and home football games to have the honor of watching our grandchildren perform in their cute little outfits. They looked so cute!
This year, we attended our first grandchild beauty pageant with five-year-old Ava Jaymes. She was beautiful and so elegant. Her sister, five-month-old Addison Victoria, decided to practice her squealing skills during the program. We just laughed while trying to get her to hush. We put a pacifier in her mouth, and she put it to the side and squealed some more. We passed her around with no one having any luck. She was one happy, squealing baby!
Ava’s Papa Alex did not like the pageant at all. He likes basketball and softball but not beauty pageants. The closest thing to a beauty pageant I had ever been in was when I was in the fourth grade. Each class was required to have a boy and girl representative for May Day, and none of the other girls wanted to be in it. First, Ms. Lang chose a fellow in my class who loved attention – we shall call him Shane – to be the boy representative. She then said that I would be the girl representative. As soon as she said this, the other children laughed. Shane did not want to participate anymore but Ms. Lang made him.
I was popular, but not in a good way. I am not sure if I even brushed my hair before I went to school. My mother kept my hair no longer than to my shoulders. I grew up with two brothers, and it is possible that I was a tomboy. My mother made me take a bath and wash my hair. She curled it and bought me a long dress. I wore white socks with my dress shoes. There was no make-up on my face. What a sight – I was Mayday Queen! I can see where Ava’s Papa is coming from, even though I love a good pampering now.
The school was celebrating its 50th pageant, and one of the judges was the first one to win 50 years ago. The other two judges were former pageant winners, with one taking the title of Miss America 2016! I cannot see how they walked on such high-heeled shoes. I tried high-heeled shoes in junior high and I slipped and fell with a plate full of food face forward. I tried to hurry to my seat where no one would notice but the school counselor called for the person who dropped all that food on the floor to come and clean it up. I wiped my face, did the walk of shame to the spot where I fell, cleaned it, and threw away those shoes as soon as I returned home.
I am starting to wonder how I loved school so much.
Ava rolled her eyes and walked away when I told her that she looked beauteous and that she walked like a model. I don’t think she believed me, but sweet Ava Jaymes won second runner up! I am so proud of her! Congratulations Ava!
Hopefully, we will be able to attend most, if not all, the events that include our grands. We were told that Ava made a list of who she wanted to come and see her, and we were on that list. Who can say “no” to that kind of invitation?
We are so blessed, and I praise God for all our grandchildren, but not for beauty pageants and high-heeled shoes!
Have a great week, y’all!

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