Of Nana Camps and Baby Names…


By Vicki Scott

When someone wins a prize or is chosen for a treasured position, he or she is asked how they felt. Many times, I have heard the word ‘surreal:’ “This feels surreal” or “I feel surreal” or “It’s just surreal.”

I recently looked up the meaning of ‘surreal,’ and I think I nailed that feeling this past week. I still feel as if I am dreaming.

My “little man,” my youngest and only son Joseph and his beautiful wife Machi are expecting!  This will be me and my husband Alan’s fourth grandchild. We are so excited for them and future Nana Camps are churning in our minds. Thanks, Debbie Bradford, for the Nana Camp inspiration!

Joseph and Machi invited us to go out to eat at Laredo’s in Auburn. Alan was suspicious and I was clueless. But I was just excited to go out to eat with them.

After we ate, their daughter Ava brought me a present and showed me her tee shirt that said she had been promoted to big sister. My present was a Christmas ornament that read, “Baby Scott arriving August 2019.” This might have been a surreal moment. It did feel amazing, and I was so surprised!

This past Friday was the “gender reveal” party. I have never been to a gender reveal party and I asked Alan if we needed to bring some diapers or something. We didn’t know. There were presents. I guess I will have to try again. It had been a rough week but they just laughed when I apologized. I felt so bad. They assured me that it didn’t matter. I knew I would get plenty of chances to give to them, so I felt a little better.

The cake was placed on the counter of the bar, by itself at first. Then Machi’s mom Kim came in with balloons (two pink, two blue, and one big black one to be popped) and refreshments. I looked at Joseph and asked if she knew the gender already. He said “yeah,” and just looked at me. I don’t know why I asked and why it didn’t bother me at all. I just love our in-laws and was okay with her knowing. I just looked back at him and said, “okay.” Nothing else was said. Machi used the pink and blue balloons as decorations.

Kim had to go to the store to pick up some bowls and spoons because she had made some soup.  She goes all out in everything she does. I volunteered to go with her, and on the way, I might have teased her a little about her knowing something I didn’t know. We had a fun ride, as we always do. She would not tell me the baby’s gender, though.

Upon our return, the cameras on the phone went up and the black balloon was given to the expecting couple. Ava Jaymes popped the balloon. It was pink!

Machi announced that they already had a name picked out and explained that Joseph always like the name Addison. When they found out that they were having a girl, even though they brainstormed several possible names, they decided to name her Addison and call her Addie. She made a point about the fact that Joseph picked out the name Addison alone but they both picked out her middle name, which is Victoria. So, the baby was named after her Nana, which is me!  So, is there a loss of words involved in this ‘surreal’ thing? If so, I felt surreal and honored, and there might have been a few tears!

In my life, I praise God continuously for my family, and He keeps the blessings coming. Now that I think about it, ‘surreal’ is not en-ough; I feel blessed, and my cup is overflowing!

Thanks, y’all!

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