On the weight scale, what goes up hopefully comes down


By Vicki Scott

As is normal for me, my New Year’s Resolution lasted until 11 a.m. on New Year’s Day. There are a group of us trying to eat healthy, and several are attending Weight Watchers meetings and doing well. Some other ladies are doing other things to eat healthy and lose weight.

My goal is to lose weight, and I’ve been hearing about receiving shots to help accelerate the process. I’ve looked at the Weight Watchers website for ideas and guidance, and it offers the same shots with its program. Weight Watchers seems to have an online medical team along with a unique weight loss program.

I have a hard time committing, however. My weight has fluctuated since having children and has been an increasingly difficult struggle since then. I once heard Dolly Parton say that even at the top of her career, she was depressed if she was overweight. On her 40th birthday, Dolly said that was depressed she was fat and forty. That was the day I became a Dolly Parton fan. She is no stranger to plastic surgery and does not try to keep it a secret.  “Tuck it, suck it or pluck it” is her thoughts on plastic surgery.

I wish I could afford that procedure myself. Even if I could, I am nervous about going under the knife be-cause of the connection with anesthesia and Alzheimer’s disease. Many doctors claim it is not the anesthesia that contributes to having Alzheimer’s, but I do not want to take any unnecessary risks.

There are other alternatives to weight loss, including freezing and laser liposuction. Both procedures are done with little or no anesthesia and apparently there is little or no down time following the surgery. This looked all well and good until I looked on YouTube at some before and after photos, and I did not see anything that made me feel comfortable with going through with any of those alternatives.

Creams and lotions are out there that claim to tighten up skin and flatten stomachs. I’m sure they would work along with diet and exercise. That brings me back to Weight Watchers, which claims it will work with one’s insurance for the shot procedure. One pays for the program and access to the medication. The price is reasonable, but I’m concerned that my insurance will not cover it. If it does not, how much cost is added? The medication can be a game changer, but will it be worth the price?

It has been said many times that permanent weight loss is a lifestyle change. That could be a problem since I do not want to change my lifestyle, which includes church casseroles, fried chicken and assorted desserts at every Baptist function. It also includes going out to eat with family and enjoying barbecues on the lake, as well as meeting with friends for fellowship and meals.

I’ve tried to go to those meetings and not eat, but it does not feel right. Even meeting for exercise three days a week sometimes ends up with a meal. Maybe if my lifestyle changed in spurts I would not have this dilemma. Perhaps that is what is happening right now – my lifestyle is in spurts, hence the weight fluctuations.

My guess is that I will read more about Weight Watchers. I’ve registered all the way to the “submit” button so far. The saga continues.

Vicki may be contacted at lily200383@yahoo.com.

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