Photo coloring books and a whole lot of nothing


By Vicki Scott

Everyone in the Scott family has claimed to be finished with their Christmas shopping while I am still working on my first present.

I do this every year. Why can I not just finish and move on to the next present? One present takes me months to finish to my satisfaction, or close to it. I then scramble to get the rest done during the last week. I am consumed with this projection until completion, and my darling – and sometimes annoying – husband Alan tries to help me along, as do my co-workers.

During Sunday School, I was reminded that no matter how long I work on these presents or how many sacrifices were made to get them, the recipient still might not like it. I must keep that in mind. There have been several instances I can think of that confirms it.

I still put my heart into at least one Christmas gift every year. This year, I made each grandchild a coloring book using their pictures. I thought it was a good idea.  I found an equal amount of pictures of each child and did my best to make the photos look like a coloring book picture. Some of them look great, some are not so good, but at this point I’m shooting for a finished product.

I made activities on every other page, like a word search with their names in it. Ava Jaymes and Saylor Rhea have started doing word searches. This will help them with name recognition, too. Teaching moments are still in my blood. The cover of the book is a picture of the view at our lake house, which is the common area for all our family gatherings. It is titled, “The Grand Lake Life.”

If anyone likes this idea and wants to start a business, do it. I am done. This one project took what seemed like forever. My grandchildren are worth it, but only for this one time. I praise God for the whole process. The coloring books are at the printers as I write this column, and I’m so excited!

I have some ideas for the other presents, but it is getting too close and I am nervous about ordering things this late. My daughter just messaged me an idea for her present, but the element of surprise would not be anywhere in this gift. It is a cutting board with her granny’s recipe etched on it in her handwriting. Their granny is Alan’s mother, who was not only prim and proper but an amazing cook. I know it would be special to Eva if I could get it. Something like this would mean so much to Eva and I pray that I can get this for her.

I have an idea for Eva’s husband Trey, but my relationship with my Cri-Cut has not been perfected to that level. If I could settle my mind, I might have a decent present for him as well. I have a secret sister at church and have her present, and I even have a little something for my co-workers. I have nothing else in the way of gifts, not for family, anyway. Family is everything, and I’ve come up with nothing. The coloring books should be done by next week, which leaves me with one week for everyone else. I guess I need to accept who I am.

I pray that everyone is doing well with their Christmas shopping and staying safe! Thanks, y’all, for your prayers – I need them!

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