Pious Bob – All in the Same Boat


We hear Mark quote Jesus in Chapter 4:35-41: “Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?” 

This story of Jesus causing the wind to cease and the sea to be calm while the disciples were fearful for their lives is a snapshot that lives in the photo albums of every generation. We are all challenged. It’s the same boat, the same Jesus and each of us just swaps places with a disciple.

Are we ready to lie down and go to sleep with Jesus in the stern while the waves beat on the boat and swamp it? We can take this picture and learn from it. Every time the seas and the wind disturb us in our lives, we must think of this event and reflect on this snapshot. Even the thought of death should not tear us from our faith in God through Christ Jesus.

Like the disciples there in the boat, we get focused on present circumstances and let the crisis manage and manipulate us. In our times of trouble we are as convinced as these disciples were that our present trouble has but one outcome, and that being disaster. We are so sure of our evaluation of the circumstances. We can’t imagine a solution or safe disposition. We have no faith.

We have a voucher for the debt that was paid for us in the death and resurrection of Jesus that we are reluctant to use. We trust no one but ourselves and because we know ourselves so well we are afraid. We must redeem our coupons of faith in Christ Jesus who with the Father and the Holy Spirit saves us. It’s a matter of choice. Do we have the faith to choose God to save us in all things?

But the waves are beating against the boat and the wind is howling. Faith in God alone will get us through. We will all die someday. Is it not our faith in everlasting life in God’s Eternal Kingdom that will see us through? We must have a faith that is our constant condition.

And I pray: ‘Heavenly Father, I know that I will join You in Your Eternal Kingdom one day. I pray that You teach me not to worry about each step and stumble along the way. I know that You are my saving help in all things. Father, help me to know that You will rebuke the wind that tries to blow me away and You will command the waters that beat and engulf me to be still, to be at peace. Give me the faith and peace of all Your saints. AMEN.’ 

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