Pious Bob – Contemplating Our Lives


People tend to contemplate life as they live it from childhood to late life. A person’s particular take on life will guide them in how they see themselves in their life. There’s always a chance to change our direction in life, whether we seek guidance from God, a friend or take it on ourselves – or maybe all of the above.

In my recent contemplation on my life, I wrote a poem that gives a general movement in my life over the years. I share it here for my reader’s consideration and to possibly encourage you to write your own poem about your life journey. You’ve probably thought about it many times and may have written some things down.

In many ways, life is being in a constant state of discontent, with occasional pauses to celebrate the blessings we have received and the good job we have done. I now offer you my poem about my life journey so far, with the hope that it will help you be intentional about reflecting on your life and praising God for His gift of life to us. 

A Life Journey 

Life is a blessing, 

Don’t know when it will end, 

When I made choices in life,  

Didn’t know where me they would send.

I missed the Lord’s guidance,

When I was young, 

Trusting in His love,  

Was a song I’d not sung. 

I Needed to love Him, 

Yes, to love Him, 

Oh, Yes to love Him,  

Yes, to love Him.

I’d see other people,

Reaching out for God’s hand, 

I saw the life they lived, 

It helped me understand.

When hit with misfortune, 

Others prayed for me, 

Lifted up to God’s presence, 

I began to see.

I felt He loved me, 

Yes, He loved me,

And I loved Him,

Oh, yes I loved Him.

From that time forward,  

My life has been changed,

I’m seeking His Will now, 

Yes I’ve been rearranged.

All of the love that I’d missed, 

When Him I ignored,  

I’m now His disciple, 

Bringing folks to the Lord.

And I love Him, 

Yes, I love Him,

Oh, how I love Him,

Yes, how I love Him.

Life still holds misfortune,  

Mixed with joy that God sends, 

His promise of Eternal love, 

Gives me hope to the end.

I’ll keep working His way, 

Oh, yes I will, 

To Him I have promised, 

That I won’t be still. 

Thanks be to God! 

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