Power to the T!


By Vicki Scott

Anyone who knows me usually knows about my family through me. My world revolves around the many blessings associated with my family. Losing my mother intensified my need to treasure every moment with family and do whatever it takes to make our moments together more and more. My biological family is not my only family I’ve been blessed with, and I praise God for all my families.

The Saturday before Mother’s Day weekend, the whole Scott crew gathered at our lake house in Dadeville. We ate and fellowshipped, because that is what southern Christian families do. We then went all-American and went out in the yard to play baseball. Okay, it was softball; maybe not all-American. 

As I’ve noted before, we are not an athletic family. Our children, however married athletic people. I did not think about this until this Saturday. Our son-in-law is a baseball coach and has been since he was in college. Our daughter-in-law is coaching her daughter’s team. That surprised me, because she is such a girly-girl. My husband and son can play; my daughter and I,

not so much.

The weird thing about me is how I obsess over some things until I get tired of them. I learned to roller skate at around 16 years old in the family garage. If I was home, I was skating. On Friday and Saturday nights, I was at the skating rink. If my skates were off my feet, then they were in my car for any skating adventure that came my way.

Then, one day, I was done with skating.

In that same garage, the back of a brick chimney was part of the side wall. It was perfect for hitting tennis balls with the tennis racket. I did this every day when I was home.  I loved it and did not even realize how much it would help one day with my hand-eye coordination. There were several times when this came in handy. This obsession lasted almost until I married my husband. It was addictive.

The memories of this obsession surfaced that Saturday when we were playing softball. Our darling children thought it would be funny to have their old mother get up to bat and try to hit the ball. It surprised them and me too when I hit almost every ball pitched to me. Our son-in-law said that next time he coaches a game, he will tell his players that his mother-in-law can bat better than they can. This did not boost my ego at all. Rather, I was in shock.

One of our grandchildren did not want to bat because she could not hit, but she soon became obsessed, just like her Nana. This past Saturday, both of our two oldest grandchildren could pop that softball! Every time we’ve seen each other since, we opt for more practice.

Our son-in-law taught me how to throw better with the “Power T.” I wish I knew these things when I was younger, but at my age, the shock is more intense when I do something that looks athletic. What was even more exciting for me was when our son-in-law showed me a write-up on three players that he coached. All three players were pictured in “Power-T” positions. That night at a restaurant on television, we saw another player in the same position! So, I felt somewhat athletic. The best part is how my “grands” think that I can do anything! 

This last Mother’s Day culminated my family experience when we were all together in church.  We saw people who were part of our village who helped in raising our children. They had children who were raised with our children. These children had children. There were so many old faces we took a family picture with several of these people in our church family. What an awesome experience! It is amazing how one church family can multiply.

When we got home, everyone wanted to play ball! I feel an obsession coming on. Power T!

God, family, church and softball are worth becoming obsessed with and lead to a full and happy life.  My cup runneth over.

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