Practicing total body health: the benefits of deep breathing


Deep breathing is one of the easiest ways to improve your health.  You can easily do this from anywhere at any time.  It costs nothing and takes little effort.  Take a little time each day to practice this and enjoy the benefits.  Begin with breathing in and out through your nostrils.  Place your hand over your abdominal area.  As you breathe in, your belly will expand and as you breathe out it will deflate.  Below is a list of a few benefits of this practice.

Deep Breathing makes you calmer.  This will naturally relax the mind and body.  Most of us live stressful and busy lives.  This is commonly accompanied with breathing that is shallow.  If you are feeling anxious, remember to breathe deeply.  Pay attention and you will feel the tension being released as you breathe in and out.

Deep Breathing helps relieve pain.  Studies show when we feel pain, our instant reaction is to hold our breath.  Deep breathing will help you release endorphins which are the body’s natural feel-good pain killers.

Deep Breathing makes you happy and gives you energy. Breathing deeply will increase a chemical production in the brain that helps with mood and pain control.

Deep Breathing helps to improve posture.  Deep Breathing will fill up your lungs and help straighten your spine to stand and sit taller.

Deep Breathing stimulates the lymphatic system. The lymph fluid is responsible for ridding the body of debris and toxins.  As we breathe, we move the lymph.  Deep breathing will get the lymph flowing properly so your body can work more efficiently.

Deep Breathing helps increase cardiovascular capacity. By expanding our cardiovascular capacity, we can do cardio exercise easier.  Cardio exercise will burn fat cells.

Deep Breathing improves digestion. This will result in an increase of blood flow which encourages intestinal action.

Deep Breathing strengthens the major organs.  This brings more oxygen to the blood which gets to the heart.  This also improves circulation and gives the heart a bit of a break.

Submitted by Melia West

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