Quesadillas on short notice


By Vicki Scott

This week marks two years since I published my first book. It is amazing what could happen in two years. After publishing She made a difference, anyway: a tribute to my mom, COVID-19 hit. I had a few book-signing events and was able to have my mother attend one. She loved the attention, but I do not think she knew what was going on. I lost my mother during COVID but I praise God she saw the book make it to publication. I learned so much from this feisty lady, things I pray that I can pass on to my grandchildren.
Earlier this week, all the grandchildren – Saylor Rhea, Tyler Kate, Addison Victoria and Ava James – were at our house on the lake. Nothing was planned, but it was a nice surprise. I’ve learned to keep ingredients for quesadillas for just such occasions. Everyone loves them, and they are easy to make on short notice.
As I got everything in place to make quesadillas, the “grands” came in to help. We keep two stools in the house for them to use when they cannot reach. They all know where the stools are and use them to wash their hands and brush their teeth, and they take turns sitting on them at the coffee table to eat or do an activity, among other things. Both stools were out and under me loaded with grands – three of them on two stools and ready to cook. The fourth was on the back of the couch, which put her at the sink. All eyes were on Nana. How could I say no? I was in heaven!
We have a quesadilla machine, so I plugged it up to heat and had them mix the chicken with the salsa. When they finished, I let them carefully spread the mixture on the flour tortilla I had placed on the bottom of the quesadilla maker. They took turns putting on the cheese. When it was Tyler Kate’s turn, she ate her cheese. When they were finished, I put another flour tortilla on top and closed the quesadilla maker, allowing it to brown the tortilla and melt the cheese. When it was ready, I put the quesadilla on a plate to cool and had my husband Alan cut it into wedges.
The grandchildren were all so proud of their work after making their one quesadilla.
Food was everywhere and there were 30 dirty spoons in various places. I later found cheese under the stools. I secretly took a picture while they were working. I was proud of their work and I had a ball. Life does not get any better than that!
I posted their picture on Facebook. One of my longtime friends saw it and reminded me of when my great-grandmother came to our home – the same home as our grands -and taught us how to make fried pies. My friend she still makes them the way my granny taught her. I’m glad she reminded me of that, and I think I know what we will make next. A piece of my granny will live on through her fried pies. I pray I do her justice!
The youngest grand, Addison Victoria, a.k.a Beans, ate some fries, Cheetos and chocolate until it was time to cook. Beans then shocked everyone and ate quesadillas. We were so excited, but she did not care.
My book was a tribute to my mother, but it was dedicated to my grandchildren. I want them to know what I learned because of my mother and be proud of the person she was. My mother thought she embarrassed us, but with all she overcame, she was more than any superhero I ever read about. I pray that through my book, she will be their superhero, too.
Several people have asked when my second book will be coming out. I do not know. Right now, I’m enjoying every chance I get witnessing life with my fast-growing grandchildren and making memories to pass on.
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