Rain, rain, please don’t go away


By Vicki Scott

It is raining outside as I write this, and I am praising God for this nice wet weather. It has been a crazy busy week around the Scott house with a whole lot of “hurry up and wait.” When we hurry up, it is stressful. When we wait, it is stressful. When it rains, we know nothing will get done for us, so we rest.

The posts and messages about line dancing has been very much appreciated. I wish I lived close by so I can attend. Monday and Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30 p.m. is when the George Wallace Senior Center in Glencoe has line dancing. I plan to surprise them one day and show up. We were in the area on one recent Monday, but were so busy that I forgot about it. I was so frustrated. One day it will happen, but not today. It is raining.

As I type this column, I’m eating leftovers from the Waffle House in Lincoln. Our daughter and her crew helped my husband Alan and I move our big furniture from Glencoe. Lincoln was on the way, and this Waffle House is never a disappointment. With grandchildren, of course, there were leftovers from our meal. These tasty leftovers were perfect for my rainy day. Alan just wanted the bacon, which warmed up nicely in the microwave.

Our daughter is notorious for being late. She did not learn this from me, but it is what it is. We thought they were coming on Saturday. This worked out great for us, because we were able to go to church on Sunday at Cove Creek Baptist. I was able to speak to some of the ladies from the ladies’ group. They have such a kindred spirit. I hope I can stay in touch with them.

When I taught the class for a little while before COVID-19 hit, I told the ladies repeatedly I did not feel worthy to teach the class. When I tried to share my reasons, they would not listen. They were not concerned with my past. They showed Godly love for me that I feel every time I see any one of them.

One of those ladies had recently lost her mother, and her funeral service was in the early afternoon after church. I was able to go, and she was so surprised that I made it. I was surprised, too, but it was an honor to be there for her. When I returned to my car, Alan had messaged me that the crew had arrived in Dadeville.

When my son-in-law said he had an enclosed trailer, he did not tell me that I could possibly move into it. It fit everything from our house, and if it rained, it did not matter. We loaded it up, or rather, they loaded it up. They would not let me lift anything; my job was to direct the proceedings. I did not argue. I felt like the cavalry had arrived, but all that work made them hungry. The Waffle House came to our rescue, and so did their leftovers.

For a total of two hours and 15 minutes, two of our four grandchildren rode with us on this journey. One is two years old and the other is five years old. After eating at Waffle House, I told them I was taking a nap. The five-year-old told the two-year-old to be quiet. I think she tried but it just did not happen. I heard the two-year-old tell her sister that she heard me talk, so she knew I was not napping. They did not take a nap, of course. 

Both girls can talk very well now, and we all talked while they colored on paper. The five-year-old just lost a tooth. She wanted the tooth fairy to bring her $100,000 but she only got a toy. I myself retrieve crayons only 57,000 times. I love both of them so stinking much, I could just kiss their whole face. I threatened to do so a few times.

The rain has stopped, and I just heard Alan go out the door. I feel lazy and want to take a nap. The house is mess. I’m getting sleepy. Now it is raining again. Alan came back in and told me he is going to Wal-Mart. Yeah, I love rainy days!

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